10 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia – Here’s What You Need to Do!

Iron deficiency anemia represents reduced red blood cells which could lead to numerous health conditions and diseases. Once the level of iron is reduced in the blood it results with inability of the body to produce hemoglobin, which is important for the red cells in order to transfer the oxygen to the tissues in the body.

This condition could strike anyone, but there is one particular group that is at bigger risk than others. The people that are more exposed to this danger are people that are vegetarian and vegans. These people are more likely to experience iron deficiency anemia as a result of not consuming meat which is the main source of iron. Women are also more exposed to this risk because of their menstruation cycle. Also people that are donating blood might experience iron deficiency anemia.

Here are the main signs of iron deficiency anemia:

  1. Fatigue/weakness

In case of constant weakness in your muscle, low energy levels, or you feel constant and unexplained fatigue, you should be aware that it is a sign that you are experiencing iron deficiency

  1. Headaches, dizziness, light headedness

If you are standing your blood pressure drops which slows down the transfer of oxygen throughout the body and the brain. Due to these reasons you might feel headache, light-headedness or dizziness.

  1. Shortness of breath

In case you experience shortness of breath when you climb the stairs or when you do your regular daily activities, you should know that it is caused by anemia. In order to overcome the issue you will need to do more cardio exercises.

  1. Frequent infections

In case you have low level of hemoglobin it could result with frequent infections. These infections require some time to recover and it could strike without any clear warning sign.

  1. Cold hands and feet

If your toes and fingers are constantly cold you should know that you are experiencing iron deficiency. Due to these reasons you will need to increase the consumption of iron.

  1. Weak and fragile nails

Deficiency of iron also lead to weak and fragile nails, but also weak nails could be a sign of other nutrient deficiencies. If you notice that your nails are fragile and weak you should increase the consumption of iron.

  1. Increased heartbeat

Iron deficiency also affects the heart rate, and if you notice that your heart is beating faster it is because the cells need more oxygen which is transferred by the help of iron.

  1. Constant cravings

Constant cravings are clear sign that your body lacks nutrients. In case you notice that you are getting cravings for dirt, ice, or chalk you should know that it is due to iron deficiency.

  1. Chest pain

Chest pain could be caused by numerous reasons, but mainly it could be due to iron deficiency. If you notice such sign make sure that you consult with your doctor.

  1. Restless leg syndrome

You might feel tingling and crawling sensation in your legs or butt, and be aware that it is a sign of iron deficiency in the body.

Here is what to do:

Make sure that you consume foods that are rich with iron in order to prevent deficiency. Foods that are rich with iron are milk, bread, eggs, meat, leafy vegetables, fish, and iron-fortified cereals. Also you can use some supplements but make sure that you consult the doctor before you do so.