10 Things That Happen to You After You Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the most common but also very bad habit that damages your health. There are many threats on the health that smoking is causing and you need to know them.

If you are smoker you should definitely think about changing your lifestyle and your habits, which should include quitting smoking. Many people don’t think about quitting smoking, but the benefits you will feel will be immediate.

Here are the main reasons why you should quit smoking:

  1. Once you quit smoking in the first ½ an hour your blood pressure will stabilize
  2. The next 8 hours the level of CO2 will decrease by 50% which is important for normalizing the level of oxygen.
  3. In the first two days you will manage to remove the nicotine from the body, and your sense of smell and taste will normalize again. This is great for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  4. In the next 72 hours your energy level will increase and the air passages will be cleared
  5. In the next two weeks the blood flow will improve and it will continue for 10 more days.
  6. In the first 3-9 months your lungs will increase their capacity by 10%, and the problems with breathing will be reduced.
  7. By quitting smoking you will also decrease the risk for heart attack by 50%
  8. People that quit smoking also reduce the risk of stroke
  9. After 10 years the risk of developing lung cancer is also reduced and it equals to those who don’t smoke
  10. In 15 years there is reduced risk for heart attack