100-Year-Old Lady Cried Tears of Joy When Garbage Collectors Surprised Her with a Birthday Cake

In this article we shall present you an amazing friendship that developed between Ben Bird, a guy that collects our garbage and Dorothy Ballard, known by the name of Mercy by all her friends.

Ben has been collecting Mercy’s garbage for 8 years, and during that period they have become very good friends. Their friendship occurred when one day Mercy opened the door and thanked Ben for the nice work he has done. After that initial contact Ben and Mercy developed a nice friendship by having a small chat every Thursday between 8:00 to 8:10 for about 10 minutes. In this small period of time over the years they have exchanged their feelings and thoughts about every aspect of their life, starting from family to everyday things.

They created such special bond revealing small things about their family and children. Here it is what Mercy says about Ben:

One day, when his wife had the baby, a little girl, and he said to me, ‘We’re going to call her Daisy.’ And I said, ‘Oh how wonderful, do you know that was my Mother’s name?’”

The incredible part about a Mercy is that she is now 100 years old and still amazingly pleasant lady. During their conversations Ben promised her that he will buy her a cake on her 100th birthday. When you check the video, you will see Ben walking up a garden path with a white and pink birthday cake in hand, and when you see Mercy your heart will melt for sure. The cake is meant for no one but Mercy, and when Ben showed up at her doorstep she was thrilled with this nice gesture.

Ben had a help from her granddaughter, Katy Smith who filmed this lovely occasion. Ben with a help of two of his friends is seen walking up to her doorstep and waiting for her to open the door. Once the door was opened he sang happy birthday to Mercy who was deeply moved by this gesture and did the most adorable thing and hide her face. She raised her head and smiling blew the candles. She wished for 5 more years of life so that she can be among her loved ones.

Katy, Mercy’s second-oldest granddaughter, thanked all the neighbors and friends who made this day memorable for her grandmother. Ben kept her end of the bargain, and made mercy’s 100th birthday a special day. It was such an amazing event that Kate posted the video on social media that immediately became viral. More than three million viewers checked this adorable moment which was also registered by the popular morning breakfast show. They invited both Ben and Mercy to speak live about their wonderful friendship.

The morning show offered Ben a free holiday for his gesture; he was pleased but soothed Mercy that during his absence her bins will be properly taken care of by his friend Joe.

Mercy was very pleased form her birthday and the joy to be greater was when she received a telegram from the Queen congratulating on her birthday. She was so bewildered and ecstatic, that she couldn’t take it all in.

Most of the viewers were touched by this warm friendship thus restoring their faith in humanity, and wished to both of them many more years to enjoy each other’s company.

Check the heartwarming video of Ben delivering the cake to Mercy: