103-Year-Old Nicknamed the ‘Hurricane’ Wins Gold Yet Again

Grannies are very sweet, they are the ones who care about us a lot and always send warm regards. But, there are also supper grannies that you may sprint past you in a race. This is not a fiction as there are grannies that can do that.

Julia Hawkins is one of those grandmas with an incredible nickname the “Hurricane”. She is 103 years old, living in Louisiana, and represents a real living miracle. She was born on Feb. 9, 1916, and graduated with a teaching degree from Louisiana State University in 1938. She has experienced motherhood and delivered four babies, she became a grandmother of three and also a great-grandmother of three. However, the thing that made her so famous and a national hero is her success in competitive cycling winning many national titles.

Running was not her first choice of sport activity, but it was biking on mountainous courses. But, when this activity became too challenging, she turns to running which was later in her life. She says that her knees and hips are just doing fine and she can still run without any problem.

The National Senior Games Association which is a non-profit organization runs the Senior Games where Julia participated. In these games she is the oldest woman to compete on an American track.

She has run so many races and won numerous medals like in 2017 games when she set a world record with her 100-meter dash. In 2019 Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Hawkins won gold medals in both the 50-meter dash and the 100-meter dash in the women’s 100-plus division. Yet, this success was complete as Hawkins finished the race slightly slower than the one in 2017 believing that it was because she is getting older, or simply it was not the right atmosphere at the time.

She is frequently asked about her secret of longevity, and she says that there is nothing special to it, just moving all the time, although she is not doing any special exercises. But, she emphasizes that she is on healthy foods and closely monitors her weight.

The physical activity that she practices frequently is gardening at her home. She owns an acre of land, and she works in it all the time. On this property she has grown 30 bonsai bushes, and some of them are 40 or 50 years old.

Julia married Murray Hawkins, after surviving the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Her husband was a physics professor at the university, who made her a box for her gold medals that she won over the years.

She is a great inspiration for the older generation and she strongly recommends them not to stop moving even if they are not doing exercises. They should continue to do things that they really like as she has had the opportunity to do so.

Julia says that she will never stop running even though that she is aware that every day is a blessing in her life.

We will be all blessed if we reach the longevity of Julia and still remain fit at that age. We wish Juilia may years and to keep on running.