11 Odd Homemade Medicines That Were Practiced By Our Grandparents And They Are Really Effective!

Homemade medicines can be more effective than the pharmaceutical ones, and moreover these ones have are already been proven by our grandparents to be helpful. Therefore, if you suffer from earache, indigestion, or motion sickness, you can try some of these homemade medicines even though they may seem bizarre to you.

  1. Olives for Motion Sickness
    They are packed with tannin, which has the ability to prevent the production of large amounts of saliva that can make you feel sick. So, if you have issues with motion sickness, always take some juicy and tasty olives with you!
  2. Lemons for Earache
    The lemon juice with help you with the stubborn earache, all you have to do is to squeeze some of the lemon juice on your ear bud and leave it to stay for around 1 minute, and in this way you will soothe your earache. It has the ability to stabilize the pH levels in the ear thus making you feel better.
  3. Dried Apricots for Indigestion
    Dried apricots are high in dietary fiber, which boost the digestion and prevent the occurrence of bloating. Consume couple of apricots once you have had an abundant meal in order to avoid problems with indigestion.
  4. Sodium Bicarbonate for Urinary Tract Infection – UTI
    If you suffer from UTI, all you have to do is to fill up one glass with water and then include in it some baking soda. Very soon you will notice how the UTI symptoms are going away. The baking soda has the ability to remove the infection thereby creating an alkaline environment in the bladder, which impedes further development of bacteria.
  5. Raisins for Arthritis
    Prior using them you need to place them in a bowl with a small amount of gin, and leave them to soak overnight. If the use of alcohol bothers you, no need for worries, as raisins have in their content numerous vitamins and juniper berries of which gin is made of, and all of them show anti-inflammatory properties. Both the gin and the raisins turn onto a powerful combination against arthritis thereby relieving the pain and lowering the swelling.
  6. Yams for Menopause
    They are almost the same in appearance with the sweet potatoes, the only difference is that they have darker color and their skin is really thick. But, you should not mix them to sweet potatoes as yams are the ones that can help with the menopause. They are rich in dietary fiber which reduces the cholesterol levels and also with vitamin A and vitamin C that balance the hormones.
  7. Duct Tape for Warts
    For this purpose, you need to cut a piece of duct tape in the size of your wart, and then stick it on it. Leave it to stand for six days, and after six days have passed, take off the tape and soak the affected area with some water. The wart will disappear in those 6 days because the duct tape has suffocated the skin infection.
  8. Jelly for Calluses
    You need to prepare a mixture consisted of a small amount of petroleum jelly and some Red Vines. Use this mixture on the rough patches in order to smooth them. They are effective due to the fact that they contain ingredients that work in a similar way as estrogen.
  9. Nettles Cure Hair Loss
    Nettles have in their content iron, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, phosphorus, protein, and many other vitamins that have the ability to stimulate hair growth and as well as support hair maintenance. This is also scientifically proven, and because of that, without any doubt in your mind, use this product. Make yourself some nettle tea and enjoy its benefits.
  10. Celery for Foul Breath
    According to elderly people, celery is the ideal solution for bad breath, or halitosis. So, no need of spending money on bubblegum, what you need to do is to eat celery and very quickly you will eliminate the bad breath.
  11. Potatoes for Spider Bites
    Spider bite can be easily soothed by the use of raw potatoes because they are packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. For that reason, place a thin cloth over a raw, diced potato and rub it on the afflicted area.