11 Signs You’re With a Good Man

The duty of each man is to act in a gentleman way, if this is not fulfilled every woman will reject his company. Every lady expects to be courted and to be treated accordingly, and eventually asked to be married by a man of high character.

Interestingly enough, many men follow certain behavioral traits during the relationship, which leads to the following question: what character traits make up a “good man”? Of course, there are plenty of them, but in this article we shall concentrate on eleven of them which will show you if you are with a good man or not.

11 SIGNS OF BEING with a good man

1. He puts his lady first in every circumstance

It does not mean that he does everything what his woman wants from him like satisfying every whim of her, but in fact means that he will not be selfish both in deeds and words. A good man puts his lady at first place and he does that more often.

2. He works to earn, and keep your trust

Trust cannot be either forced or pushed, but it has to be earned, and this is something of which every good man is aware of it. This type of man does not take this trust for granted but it considers it as a blessing, and moreover he never leaves his trust in-doubt.

3. He is honest and forthcoming

If you are with a good man, then for sure he will not cheat, lie, or steal from you as you are his precious person in the world. Likewise, he will feel no hesitation in telling you what exactly he means no matter if it is bad or good.

4. He is often supportive

This doesn’t mean that he will do anything what his woman asks him, but he will be always supportive when it is needed and satisfy the needs of his woman. He will do everything in his power to assist his loved one.

5. He makes you feel safe and secure

Feeling safety and secure is a vital component for any woman in her relationship. It is the man’s duty to ensure that such feelings are present. In the event of something unfortunate, a good man will always defend and stand up for his woman.

6. A good man makes you feel beautiful (inside and out)

A good man will always compliment to your beauty, and words will not be enough for him, but he will earnestly manifest his feelings of beauty from his heart. This means that he will also interact with you both physically and mentally.

7. He is often doing the “little things”

Little things like pulling out the chair, holding the door, taking care of the kids, and many more are a sure trait of a good man. He will stop whatever he is doing just to help you with the things you require his assistance.

8. A good man is never abusive towards you or anyone else

By no means will he ever be abusive to his partner, and moreover he will avoid any abusive episode with other people as well. In fact, he will find inner strength to solve things intellectually so that he is not abusive to the other person. Abuse is not only a physical thing, but also it is a mental and emotional matter which he will never do.

9. He always seeks self-improvement

He is always trying to improve himself no matter if it is something like learning new things, getting in shape, taking on new responsibilities and so on. The need of becoming better in every aspect is there, and that brings him great joy and satisfaction. A good man will always strive for self-improvement.

10. A good man inspires you

He is a person with strong and unshakable character, which will become an inspiration to any person who is with him. Being like that, he is inspirational in his words and deeds and that never stops. He will for sure inspire his lady to be the best version of her.

11. He stands by you with whole heart

Once a good man shows his deepest feelings for you, he will go through thick and thin for you. A good man will never neglect you, even in the most challenging situations. He will be there for you for sure and you can always rely on him.