11 Things Men Do When They’re Truly in Love

We all know that men are not keen on openly expressing their emotions especially not in eloquent words. The reason for that is, as many men state, that they are not comfortable to analyze and express complex emotional states. Most of the men first go for the deeds and actions as a way of expressing their feelings. Moreover, they are raised to be strong and unshakable pillars of the home to which close ones can always rely on. Even though being vulnerable and open is a difficult task for them, it is not impossible. When something like that happens, then it means the doors of the heart are wide open to let some other person in.

So, all ladies out there, when something like this happens then you are sure that that person is truly in love with you, and fortunately there are some signs that can tell you that his feelings are true.


1st SIGN – A man in love loves everything about her partner
We are living in a society where superficial beauty is put on the first place, but that is irrelevant and every man knows that. So, when a man truly loves a woman he loves all of her, not just her beauty. He loves and respects her for who she is and does not mind her flaws as well. Above all, he appreciates her choices in life and respects her decisions.

2nd SIGN – A man in love respects her opinion
What you feel about certain matters and think about them is important for the person who loves you. He may not care what other persons think of him, but for sure he cares what you think of him. He values your thoughts on every issue like political, religious or business issues, and also simple matters for him are as well as important, for instance, he will for sure be interested in the paint color you like for the bedroom.

3rd SIGN – A man in love protects the person he loves
A man in love puts himself in danger in order to protect the person he loves. This does not only mean physical protection, but as well as protection against emotional traumas. Always ready and on alert to protect the person who loves and momentarily ready to place himself in danger. By no means will he raise his hands towards the person he loves, in fact something like that will never occur to him.

4th SIGN – He listens to you
What you have to say is very important for him even if it is a trivial thing. He will stop everything that he does just to listen to you. For him you are the most important person and he will do anything for you.

5th SIGN – He remembers things you like
He remembers things like your favorite song or color, the way you like your coffee or other simple things which are important for you. This may seem trivial for you, but for him you are the most important person in the world and he remembers everything about you which is completely normal for him.

6th SIGN – A man in love steps up for you
In tough times or in a period of tough decisions he steps up and takes action. He takes the responsibility and does not step away. He gives the necessary sacrifice, pushes away his personal comforts and safety in order to do things right. His well being comes at second place.

7th SIGN – A man in love steps out his way
Whenever you have the necessity of him he will stop what he is doing and come right to where you are. For instance, if you need something to be fixed, he will come immediately to do it without any hesitation even if it is a hassle for him like driving to and back for couple of hours. This does not mean anything bad; it is simply devotion to you and to your love.

8th SIGN- The biggest cheerleader
A man in love cherishes his woman and his own success is not enough for him, he wants for his lady the same success. Because of that he supports her all the way becoming her biggest cheerleader. He salutes all her accomplishments and tells everyone how incredible she is.

9th SIGN – He misses you most of the time
If you have to travel because of work or you need to visit your family, then be rest assure that he misses you a lot. During the time you are gone he thinks about you all the time and texts you some goofy little notes. When you come back he will be happy and extremely excited seeing you again.

10th SIGN – A man in love feels your pain
He will for sure feel your pain if he deeply loves you as he is also feeling hurt when you feel hurt. Many men say that they can physically feel the pain of their loving partner as they believe that they are meant to protect their mates, and if the person they love is in some pain they believe that they have failed in some way. Men say: “We want to soothe their pain and shield them from harm. We don’t want to see those we love hurt”.

11th SIGN – His love is so big that he can let you have your own time
A man in love will make no problems for you to hang out with your girlfriends for the evening. He is sure in his love for you and that makes him understanding and patient about the things you love. He is aware that there should be some time spent apart in order to fulfill our passions no matter if it is a simple going out with friends.