11 Things Others Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because of Your High Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental condition which is usually disregarded as it is not considered to be serious health concern. As a result of this condition a person can be considered weird, lazy, passive and irresponsible. Because of that you need to know the effects of anxiety so that you can understand and help the persons who suffer from it.

Things resulting from Anxiety

  1. Obsession with trivial things which the rest of the people do not notice

A simple piece of information, a glance or even a word will be processed by an anxious person for days. Further on, anxious people become obsessed over a past conversation, a tone of a sentence, a text message, and the similar.

  1. Obsession with past mistakes

Whenever an anxious person makes a mistake he or she tortures itself with it with days or weeks. When they are at work they always struggle to be perfect which is not always possible, and making a mistake is a real punishment for them which anxiety contributes in making more.

  1. Always perceive the worst scenario

These types of persons have no capability in living the moment, they always worry about the worst scenario in every possible situation. They are very much certain that things will for sure go wrong, for instance, they will have the most severe disease, their job interviews will always go wrong and as well as their dates.

  1. Difficulties to fall asleep but get up early

As a result of all that thinking and analyzing in the head of an anxiety patient falling asleep becomes the most difficult task. Aside the fact that falling asleep is difficult, an anxiety person rises up early in the morning, and immediately starts thinking about multiple things thus making it impossible to fall asleep again.

  1. Feelings of mental and physical exhaustion to get up from bed

Anxiety patients lack of energy to such an extent that they are often too tired to get up in the morning. They become so weak that they become paralyzed, and because of that they tend to stay in bed so that they can run away from the ongoing torture in their head.

  1. Talking about the future brings them to breakdown

Frequently, they feel frustrated and scared when thinking about the future and future plans. Everything that is happening in the present is hard and excruciating thus the future makes them even more terrified.

  1. Constant rewinding of conversations in the head

Anxious people have constant replay of talks in their heads analyzing what they have said and if they made some mistake. However this rewinding is very tiresome and incites the feeling of guilt all the time.

  1. The inability of acquiring quick answer will lead them to belief that they have done something wrong

When communicating with other people, if they do not receive an answer on time, this will lead to worries that they have done some mistake.

  1. If some other person shows concern, they become even more worried

If a person asks an anxious person how things are going then he or she will start their inner struggle wondering if some other persons can detect it thus making them more worried about their state of mind.

  1. Rejecting invitations although they desire to go

These persons like to go to certain places or attend some events, but they are blocked immediately when an anxiety occurs. As a result of which they cancel all their plans as the moment they experience an anxiety attack they are left out of any energy and will.

  1. They compare their success to others

Anxious persons compare their success with the others especially with their peers thus becoming more obsessed if they will become as successful as the others.


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