12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

We are dealing with pain everyday which is inevitable due to the lifestyle and work we have. It is usually manifested as shoulder pain caused by long sitting hours, aching wrists resulting from typing all day on the keyboard, and any type of sore muscles which makes the easiest movement hard and painful. The shoulder pain is commonly caused from sitting all day and working on your desk, which is usually soothed along with all the above mentioned pains by using various creams and painkillers. They are helpful to a certain point, but their effect is temporary, and because of that you need to find a more permanent solution like preventing their occurrence in the first place. You can do that by starting a stretching routine.

The stretching routine improves the blood flow in the body, thus increasing the energy levels within your body and making your movements a lot easier. Therefore, make sure to stretch on regular basis because this routine can ease your creaky joints and eliminate the stiffness in your muscles. Plus, it will be of great help in preventing an injury while working out or exercising. Have in mind that stretched muscles work a lot better than stiffed muscles and this also applies for the joints.

Nevertheless, no matter how beneficial stretching can be there are rules that you need to follow:

Do no Stretch When…

  • Do not stretch if you have injured muscles, even if it feels good, because you can make the injury situation even worse.
  • Do not hurry when stretching, for instance jumping from one position to another.

Proper Stretching

  • Keep one stretching position for 30 seconds, by doing so you will make your muscles to relax.
  • Make certain to stretch after an intense workout, as then the muscles grow as a result of the increased blood flow in them.
  • Areas that are chronically tight need more time to loosen up, therefore pay attention to those areas when stretching.

If you are interested in starting the stretching routine, then you are on the right place. We shall demonstrate the best stretches for muscle pain and this stretch routine will stretch your body from head to toes.

The Best Stretch Routine

Dr. Marilyn Moffat is a professor of physical therapy at the New York University who developed this simple everyday stretch routine. However, she warns everyone that if by any chance you experience any pain or discomfort while doing the stretches, particularly in specific areas, then make sure to instantly visit your doctor or physical therapist.

Prior the stretching starts you need to take the following position in order to prevent the occurrence of any injury: ensure that your back is in a line with your neck, and your chin tucked in. Only in this position, you can start your stretching routine. Each stretch should be held from 30 to 60 seconds maximum.

This stretching routine is comprised of 12 amazing stretches:

  1. Neck Tilt

For this stretch you need to tilt your head to the left side and after that put your left arm near your right ear. But do not pull, leave the weight of your arm do its job. This will help you to stretch the muscles in your neck. Stay like that for a while, and after that change side.

  1. Neck Rotation

Turn your head slowly to the left for 90 degrees and keep it like that for a minute. After that return to initial position and repeat the same procedure to the other side.

  1. Hyperextension

Slightly bend so that you stretch your spine, but be very careful not to go too far.

  1. Back Scratch

You need to ensure the following positions of your palms: the bottom palm must face the outside, and the top palm must face the back. Once you have achieved this try to reach your palms without hunching behind your back. If it is possible for you, stay like that for a while, and after that switch hands.

  1. Fold Over

For this stretch you need to sit on your chair and then bend over, but make certain that your neck is in the right position as you may experience pain.

  1. Trunk Rotation

Place your arms in a crossed position on your chest, and after that try to look over your shoulder while rotating to your trunk. Remain like that as long as you can, and afterwards do the same procedure on the other side.

  1. Trunk Lateral Flexion

Sit down and then elevate your arm in the air, bend to the opposite side, and stay like that for a while. Do the same stretching routine on the other side, with the other arm.

  1. Heel Chord

By doing this exercise you will manage to stretch and relax your back leg muscles, particularly the ones along the calf. Place the toe to the wall and the palms bent on it, and after that just a little bit bend your front knee towards the wall. Stay in this position for a bit, and then switch legs.

  1. Quad Stretch

For this stretch you need to stand straight, and then start bending your knee to point to the ground and then grab the tip of your toe with your hand, but make sure that the other one is in the air. Keep it like that for a while, and after that do it with the other leg.

  1. Leg Extension

For this extension you will need to use a towel or a workout band. Put one leg on the ground with your knee bent, and then elevate the other one in the air at 90 degrees by using the towel or the workout band. You can push your leg to go way back even further of the 90 degrees but with the help of the towel. However, do this carefully so that you do not hurt yourself.

  1. Hip Flexor

For this stretch lay down on a soft and flat surface, and push one knee towards your chest. Keep that position for a bit, and after that switch legs.

  1. Piriformis

Again place your body in a flat laying position on the floor, and then tuck your knees a little bit. Put the one ankle straight on the thigh below your knee. Remain in this position for a while and after that change legs. If you find this stretch too hard or too intense, then you can bring the uncrossed leg further to the outside.

Each one of these exercises will help you to relax your muscles, and if you perform all of them regularly on daily basis you will relieve your muscle pain.