12 Inspiring Pallet Fence Ideas Anyone Can Build

The whole picture of having a house or garden is when it is surrounded with a fence as it gives it a special charm. Aside the decorative role, fences are built to offer us security, privacy and to delineate spaces, hence every garden or yard should have a fence. Plus, they are easy to construct and anyone with little skill can built one.

Commercial fences can be pricey and if that was the reason that stopped you of having one, then you should know that there is always a cheaper way, especially if it is built by yourself.

The best option for DIY fences is the use of wood pallets as they are already assembled and act as the ideal building block. Not to mention the fact that they are pricey-friendly, easily available, and if you are lucky you can find them for free.

 If you are a beginner this is a great option for you and it is a chance to try out your building skills. If you have a big yard and the area allows keeping livestock, then this fence would be the ideal option for you. All you need is some free time, wooden pallets and an incentive to start building your own fence.

Naturally, you should have some tools and materials such as wire gauze, nails, and heavy duty staples so that to build your wooden pallet fence.

Several Pros for Building a Wooden Pallet Fence

  • There is no need to buy new ones as if you like rustic appearances, you can buy old ones at a lower price.
  • They are durable, and resistant to frequent vibration and bad weather conditions.
  • Wood-working is a better option than metal-working because the construction is easier and there are available ready-to-go wooden pallets that need only assembling.
  • Convenient building blocks that will suit your needs.

Cons of a Wooden Pallet Fence

  • Well, there are also some disadvantages like the fact that they are not very secure because anyone can easily climb over or break through them. They are not the perfect solution against trespassers because they are not that strong, and they are small, and have plenty of gaps.

Nonetheless, check the photos below and chose the pallet fence that mostly suits you.

 12 Amazing Pallet Fence Ideas

Likewise, check the DIY tutorials that would be of great help when building your own pallet fence: