12 Morning Stretches to Help You Get Rid of Pain, Stiffness and Excess Fat

Many of us need to sit for long hours behind a desk and we all know how detrimental sedentary lifestyle can be. Hence, we must introduce exercises during the day and what would the best is introducing some stretching activities in the morning.

Not many people opt for stretching in the morning as the first choice is the cup of coffee along with the cigarettes.

Well, this should stop as your health comes first and if you introduce these stretching exercises in the morning you will significantly boost your health and improve your body posture.

Some of the Benefits of Doing Morning Stretching:

  1. Stimulates circulation and warms up your body
  2. Soothes pain, tension and stiffness
  3. Boosts memory and energy
  4. Lowers appetite and strengthens mindfulness
  5. Reduces stress

If you are not into extensive workout, then these stretching would be great for you, in fact it is even better than practicing yoga.

 Best 12 Morning Stretches

This set of stretches will offer your body higher energy levels and lower body fat. Therefore, make sure to perform them in series, 2 to 4 sessions, holding each pose for half a minute, and remember to properly breathe in and out.

  1. Child’s pose

Take a kneeling position by touching your big toes. In this pose you have two options: keeping your knees closed or spread, it depends on what suits you best. Now, bring your torso to the front in order to touch the floor with your forehead. Finally, stretch your arms forward or you can rest them near your body.

  1. Standing forward bend

Take a standing position with your feet apart. Exhale and bend your body forward so that your hands touch the ground. It is Ok to bend your knees.

  1. Downward-facing dog

Stand on your mat, inhale, and then start bending your torso. Bring your hands forward on the floor by stepping back. Start pressing your hips back and up, but maintain a straight spine and keep your tailbone high. In this pose you will feel the stretch in the back of your legs.

  1. Three-legged dog

Bend your upper body to the floor by supporting it with your hands. Next, inhale and start elevating your right leg towards the ceiling, and when reaching its maximum bring it down slowly. Perform the same movement with the other leg as well. While performing this stretch you are allowed to bend your knees, and elevate your leg as high as you can.

  1. Lunge

In the lunge position, inhale and bring one leg forward while bending your knee. Put your hands right next to your foot, and straighten the other leg. Lift your chest up.

  1. Crescent lunge

Take the lunge position by placing one leg forward with bent knee. Inhale and bring your arms over your head by keeping your torso upright. Push the floor away with your feet with your head looking at the ceiling. Relax your shoulders and maintain your spine long. When facing the ceiling bend your back slightly.

  1. Warrior II

In a standing position bring one leg forward with a bent knee. Extend the other leg to the back. Your arms should be wide open above each leg. Next, turn the head towards your bent leg.

  1. Reverse warrior

You are again in a standing position with your one leg forward with bent knee. The other leg is extended back, exhale and bring your right hand on your light leg. Inhale and elevate your left arm up. Look towards the ceiling.

  1. Triangle pose

Bent forward and then inhale and straighten your bent leg. Your arms should be extended down to your sides and then extend the left hand forward by bringing it down to the left leg. Press your knuckles against your shin, ankle or floor. Turn your head towards the ceiling and lift your right hand up meanwhile make certain to open your chest.

  1. Plank

Take a lying position on your stomach on the floor, and then start lifting your entire body by supporting it on your forearms and toes. Maintain a straight line and engage your core.

  1. Upward dog

Lie on the floor with your stomach, inhale and bend your elbows. Make sure that they are near your body. Then point your toes, press down the hands, but maintain your arms straight and thus bring your chest forward. Elevate your hips and knees, and support your legs by pressing on the tops of your feet.

  1. Cat and cow

Take a kneeling position, exhale and lower your chest and knees to the floor. Then, inhale and bring your body on all fours. Position your hands under the shoulder and your knees bring under the hips. Inhale and then with your back create an arch.

You are still on the floor with elevated tailbone and looking up. Then, bring your shoulders away from your ears, exhale and push your chin towards the chest. Now, round the back and tighten the core, and then push your mid-back towards the ceiling. Perform 6 to 10 repetitions.