13-Day Diet That Helps You Lose Lots of Weight

This 13-day diet plan that works 100%! This diet plan is not like other diets that will disappoint you even though it is hard and extremely reliable. Also it is known around the world as The Danish Diet or the Copenhagen Diet.

The diet plan guarantees you long term weight loss, not like the ordinary diets where you regain your weight in matter of few days. It is so great that it will also help you improve your metabolism and overall health. Just bear in mind that you might gain very little weight in the first week due to the improvement process of your metabolism and preparing it for burning fat.

Users report that this 13-day diet plan has helped them to burn fat and lose 15-40 pounds.

Remember you should follow it all 13 days if you want to have the results as others. This is important because it is low caloric diet which requires maximum 600 calories per day.

The base of this diet is decreasing the use of dairy products, whole grains and fruits, so for that purpose you should be prepared that your organism might experience shortage of minerals and vitamins. You might also feel hungry all the time and it might cause illness.

You will need to follow these strict rules during the diet:

– During the process you should completely avoid beer or wine, food that contains sugar or any additional food outside the recommendation. If you consume some of these products you should immediately stop with this diet because it will not give you the desired results.

– If you stop this diet plan in the middle of it, you cannot re-start unless 6 months have passed

– If you successfully finish this diet, you cannot follow it again for the next two years (because during the process you are doing complete shake up of your body system and metabolism)

– During this plan you may use beef, salmon and lamb as supplement to 250g of chicken breasts.

– You cannot use salt at all, but feel free to use pepper, oregano or garlic

– Once you successfully finish the 13-diet plan you may return to your regular eating but bear in mind to improve your diet and make it healthier.

– You should also consider avoiding any strenuous physical activity during the 13-diet plan

This is the entire 13-diet plan that you should strictly follow if you want to lose at least 15 pounds in two weeks: