This 13-Day Diet Will Help You Lose Up to 40 Pounds

This diet is a bit rigorous, but it is very effective in melting all that unwanted body fat. The good thing about this diet is that after the period of thirteen days, you can consume your regular diet, and you will not put any weight for the next two years. This diet is known as the Copenhagen or Danish Diet.

The Basics of the Copenhagen Diet

This diet is extremely effective and beneficial as it is not followed by the yo-yo effect which brings back the lost weight after finishing the eating regime. Moreover, this diet will substantially accelerate the metabolism and keep your weight balanced.

By implementing this diet you will manage to lose 15 to 40 pounds in only two weeks. Yet, it shouldn’t be used for more than 2 weeks, due to the fact that this diet is low in calories, more specifically, it contains about 600 calories a day. Likewise, it is deficient in dairy, whole grains, and fruits, and because of that some people may experience vitamins and minerals deficiency and also fatigue. During the 13 days period you may feel hungry and the body may be more susceptible to diseases. But, if you strictly follow the diet rules, these issues can be avoided.

The Rules of the Copenhagen Diet

  1. Avoid wine, sweets, beer, and chewing gum.
  2. If you decide to terminate the diet prior the 13 days period, you cannot continue it for another 6 months.
  3. This diet can be repeated only after 2 years of period.
  4. While you are on this diet you can replace beef, salmon, and lamb with 250 grams of chicken meat.
  5. Avoid the use of salt.
  6. You can use seasonings like oregano, garlic, or other ones.
  7. After you finish the diet, in the first few days you should eat sensibly for a week.
  8. Do not perform any extensive physical activity. 

The 13-Day Diet Menu

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