13 Emaciated Great Danes Rescued From Abandoned Breeding Farm

We all love dogs and because of that the dog is the most kept pet in the world. However, some people tend to forget that they are living beings and that they need care and proper nurture. There are many stories of animals being abused experiencing great torture and betrayal by humans. One such story we shall present in this article, it is so horrifying that you will do all your best to report some similar abuse if you witness it in your surroundings.

The animal welfare is a responsibility of the owner, and every owner should be aware of this, but on August 19, the animal rescuers from Watchdog Thailand and the PathumThani Livestock Development Office’s Animal Welfare Division witnessed something else. They received a tip that there is a dog breeding farm abandoned by the owner for a few weeks.

The situation in this farm was horrifying, 13 Great Danes were locked in cages, starved to death, and emaciated. Their physical shape was dreadful, with their ribs and vertebrae protruding through their thinning fur.  Some of the dogs could not survive these terrible conditions like a mother with two pups and three other dogs.

Great Danes is a breed of dogs referred as to “gentle giants” because they are huge, powerful, but very elegant. They are good with children, like to play and are very affectionate. Great Danes are easy to train, great protectors of your home, and they get along with other animals, especially if they are raised together.

The owner of this dog breeding farm was a middle-aged woman who planned to breed these dogs and after that sell them on the market. Although this was her plan it did not go through as she could not sell them and meantime she got unemployed and went through a divorce so she was left without money. She closed the breeding facility, but she still had the Great Danes who were left abandoned. Due to her financial problems the owner could not take care of them and her simplest solution was to leave them alone.

Fortunately, her relative lived nearby and reported the case as she felt really sorry for the poor abandoned dogs. The tip was received via the department’s DLD 4.0 smartphone application, and the department director-general SorawitThanito responded and rescued the dogs from the house in LatLumKaeo district. The relative of the owner helped with the rescue herself.

The condition of the rescued dogs was pretty bad; some of them were close to death. They lived in filthy cages with no food, but once they were rescued they were brought to the nearest vet. The vet on duty examined them, gave them food and properly took care of them.

The vet recommendation was that all of the tortured dogs need further care for recovery in the animal center. If the rightful owner could not take care of them, they should be given to dog lovers who will look after them.

“Watchdog Thailand” posted the photos of the abandoned dogs on August 19, on Facebook, and many people donated money so that these dogs could be nurtured and taken care of. The photos went instantly viral and many good people saw these poor dogs. One of those good people was nonetheless, but the King of Thailand Rama Axon August 21, his highness heard of the story and adopted the dogs and funded their full treatment. The Great Danes from this farm were treated as royalty, including five males and eight females in the age range of 5 months to 2 years. They were picked up by Animal husbandry officers from the Bureau of the Royal Household, and were brought to Kasetsart University’s animal hospital where they received full veterinary treatment and with the right food they would for sure regain their weight.

The owner was not left unpunished; the police made a thorough investigation and the dog breeder is about to face animal cruelty charges, under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act, according to the Deputy Director-General SomchuanRattanamangkhalanon in the Department of Livestock Development.

Every citizen has moral obligation to immediately report if an animal is being abused and thus save its life. There are various forms of animal abuse, including cruelty, abandonment, hoarding, neglect, physical abuse, inadequate shelter in extreme weather, lack of veterinary care, etc. Unfortunately, there are many ways how you can harm an animal, but if you notice that such thing happens, make sure to report it.