14 Eye Abnormalities That Signal About Real Health Issues

Your eyes are the mirror of the health of your body! Having problems with your vision, irregularities around the eyes, protruding eyes and something similar are the main symptoms which reveal serious health problems. This article will present to you at least 14 anomalies of the eye which you should consider serious because they are sign for serious health problems.

  1. Swollen lower eyelid – many people tend to think that limp or swelling under the eyelid is not dangerous and it is only a sty. Such swelling might be a sign of rare form of cancer. Sebaceous gland carcinoma is a type of cancer of your glands found in your eyelid. It has the same form as sty but in fact you can make a difference by noticing if it stays for longer period of time
  2. Bare eyebrows – If the outer part of your eyebrows starts to disappear or fall you should know that this is also a sign of thyroid disorder and you should consider visiting a specialist.
  3. Problems with vision – if your vision is blurred you should know that migraine is about to happen. Usually it comes in form of vague contours and inability to perceive details. If such thing occurs you should consider using a painkiller and rest.
  4. Red eye – if your eyes are constantly red you should know that this is a symptom of irritation or allergy. Such allergy might be caused by food, plant, mold, chemical or pollen. You should find the cause of the allergy before it becomes serious problem.
  5. Sight problem – if you experience sudden problem with your sight you should know it is a sign of stroke. Stroke occurs once the blood flow to your brain is interrupted and the signs might be double vision or completely losing the sight on one of the eyes or both.
  6. Problems with vision in front of screens – if you are having a blurred vision when you are in front of a screen you should know that it might not be only fatigue. This can be a sign of computed vision syndrome which is caused by low contrast. Set of vision problems lead to this syndrome which might damage your eye muscles.
  7. Dry eyes – you should know that constant irritation and itching of your eye is a sign of dysfunction of the large lacrimal gland. Also having dry eyes might be sign of arthritis.
  8. Dilated pupils – this might be a sign of heart attack. If your pupils are dilated in light you should consult immediately doctor.
  9. Veil in front of your eyes – many people develop cataracts once they become old. It is most probably that you will not notice any difference at first, but over time your eye will be different. Some of the signs you will notice are having dull, gray or hazy appearance of your eyes.
  10. Beady eyes – If you notice a physical change of your natural bulging eyes you should not worry at all because people who have hyperthyroidism have bulging eyes.
  11. Yellow eyes – this is a symptom of jaundice that is related to liver failure. Also yellowing of the white part might be a sign of excess of bile
  12. Blurred vision with diabetes – people who are diagnosed diabetics should consider being careful about their vision. If you are experiencing blurred vision you should know it is a sign of excess of sugar in your blood which might damage your optic nerve. You should consider treating this rather than ignoring it because you might become completely blind.
  13. Twitching eyelids – If your eye blinks rapidly for no reason it might lead to eye twitches. These twitches are sign of stress, anxiety or not enough sleep. Also it might be triggered by excess use of caffeine and sweeteners.
  14. Eye color change – if you notice that your eye color is changing you should know that this might be sign of damaged eye cells. Such change may occur as a result of neurofibromatosis, melanomas of the iris, Waardenburg syndrome or tumors.

If you find any of these symptoms present in regards to your eyesight, you should consider consulting your eye doctor in order to get proper treatment.


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