14 Tips to Melt Belly Fat

The coronavirus pandemic caused a great stir in the world making us frightened for our lives and in order to survive the quarantine hours most of us spend more time in the kitchen. We have learned new recipes and tried them. But, it is most likely that some of you gained weight in these lockdown days.

The crisis is still not over, but the lockdown measures are slowly getting reduced and since summer is approaching we start to check on our body and the fat we have gained during this period.

You should not be very harsh on you considering the situation in which we have all been and gaining some extra pounds is not such a great issue.

According to therapist Jessica Eiseman, owner and clinical director of Montrose’s Ajana Therapy and Clinical Services, this situation very much resembles the one when we are struggling with grief. She stated:

“Initially, everyone was kind of in shock. As humans, we hate uncertainty. Stress is really amplified. We are in survival mode.”

Nevertheless, she reminds us that we need to focus on ourselves and start to take care of our bodies and overall health and well-being. Our routines may have been lost, but we still need to be more careful with ourselves.

Everything can be solved and with some will and determination the results will show very quickly. However, the most difficult part of losing weight is for sure the belly area, especially the fat around the middle that can be very stubborn. Crunches can help you in toning the muscles and losing the extra weight, but they are very difficult to perform. You may consider the idea of quick-fix diet, but as most of you are already familiar with the fact that this type of diet cannot solve the belly fat issue.

The stomach fat can cause many health issues and medical experts constantly warn about the dangers of the build-up fat in the abdominal area. As per the findings of a comprehensive analyses released in The New England Journal of Medicine involving over 350,000 European men and women, a large waist almost doubles the risk of premature death, even in the case of normal body weight.

Therefore, the following tips in the video below will come very handy for you when burning fat deposits in the belly area: