15+ Heartwarming Pics of Children Who Were Just Adopted

Being an orphan is a terrible thing, especially if you are a child, but children sometimes need to stay in foster care because of other reasons as well. No mater of the reason, there are plenty of children that must be in foster care in the states, in fact, on a given day, there are almost 443,000 children.

Although it is a common belief that most of these children are babies or toddlers, the reality is that in average children entering foster care are 8 years old. Most of these children stay in state care for nearly two years before they are adopted or given to guardians.

According to the findings of Together We Rise1, 200 children enter foster care in USA every day. This non-profit organization is working very hard to help children that need to be in foster care. It has a goal to make some changes in how youth navigate through the foster care system in America and also encourages families to adopt these children.

The founder of Together We Rise is Danny Mendoza who was triggered by a personal experience and thus founded this non-profit in 2008. In his family he had a cousin who was9 years old when he lost his home, so he had to live in a car, and although Mendoza wanted to help, he couldn’t because he was under the age of 21. This occasion was a trigger point in his life to try to do something and help these children in future. He was encouraged by his colleagues and friends to start up an organization in order to help these children. He set up the pillars of Together We Rise and his dream to help these children became a reality. Nowadays TWR is a nation-wide organization helping children and changing the way youth experience foster care.

TWR turned to the powers of social media a few years ago when they have started to post pictures of newly adopted kids on Facebook and Instagram. This was a successful move as the response was huge. Thousands of people reached out to them, willing to learn more about the process of becoming a foster parent or adopt kids.

The interest of professional photographers was enormous, all signing up to donate their services to the adopting families. Even an application was created for any interested photographers, and on the first day, more than 5000 professionals signed up.

Here are the amazing pictures of the adopted children:

15+ Heartwarming Pics of Children Who Were Just Adopted