15 Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Stress

Modern lifestyle has its advantages, but probably the biggest disadvantage is the high rate of stress that imposes on us. Stress is an integral part of our everyday life and although we are trying to avoid the pending tension it is still there taking control of our lives. This is confirmed by the latest statistics showing that over half of the American population is concerned about the level of stress it experiences on daily basis.

In the last three months this level may have reached its peak as a result of the  coronavirus pandemic, and since this does not belong to our regular stress rate we must find a way how to properly channel it.

It is normal to feel stressful from time to time, but if it is regular it can cause great damage to the overall body health, both mental and physical. Namely, due to experiencing too much stress we may become susceptible to various chronic diseases, reduced sex drive, increased blood pressure, and higher probability of addictiveness. Scientists have confirmed that high stress levels have been related to the increases in brain thinning and decreases of amounts of crucial gray matter in the brain.

Hence, we need to find the right way that can help us to cope with stress and lower it in our everyday life as if we do not do that it will wreak havoc in our body, and we do not want that.

There are various medical treatments for reducing stress, but there is nothing better like the natural ones, moreover they have long-term effect.

15 Effective Ways to Reduce Stress Recommended by Scientists

  1. Meditation– its practice will offer the needed clarity that our brain desperately needs and will keep us grounded.
  2. Yoga– there is nothing like performing light exercises combined with deep breathing. This practice has been proven to be great mind and body reliever.
  3. Breathing exercises– they are immensely helpful in stressful situations having the ability to successfully reduce blood pressure.
  4. Physical activity – increases endorphin levels contributing to a calm and sound mind.
  5. Aromatherapy– uses the scent of various essential oils that have been related to stress relief.
  6. Massage– there is nothing like a good massage and it has been proven to be one of the best stress-soothing strategies.
  7. Progressive relaxation– this method will offer you the feeling of slowly sinking into your sofa as it gradually relaxes every muscle of your body.
  8. Laughter– a good laugh will for sure relax you and it is considered to be the best medicine for stress.
  9. Listening to music– a good song can effectively calm you down and relax you instantly since it has been proven that good music triggers biochemical stress reducers.
  10. Writing– this method can help you in lowering stress levels making you more willing to express your emotions and once they are transferred on a paper you can cope better with them.
  11. A walk in nature– nature can offer such tranquility that no other chemical can provide you with that. This is one of the fastest ways to deal with stress, and even if you cannot have a walk in nature, looking at pictures of nature can enhance your resilience to stress.
  12. Religion –a conducted study has shown that religious college students were less stressed than the non-religious ones.
  13. Pet – having a pet is a true blessing healing all your wounds.
  14. Black tea– its consumption reduces cortisol levels, a hormone related to stress.
  15. Sex– a fulfilling intercourse contributes to lower stress levels.

All these methods for dealing with stress have been compiled by scientists and they highly recommend you to find the method that best suits you as stress can affect your relationships and performance at work.

Each one of them offers great pleasure and relaxation, and you should apply them even when you are not stressful making your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.