15 Sobering Photos that Prove Humanity Has Reached the Peak of Indifference

Our planet is fighting for its survival and seems that we as humans do not do as much as we can to keep it for future generations considering the fact that we are the main culprits for its current condition.

Many scientists have confirmed that we are the one to blame for the climate change as we burn fossil fuels and destroy the forests that absorb carbon dioxide, thus sending heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere.

Yet, we have still not reached the point of full self-awareness of our negative effects towards the environment of our planet. There are still people who are indifferent to this current situation, but the climate change is a reality. In fact, the situation gets worsen each day, affecting all forms of life on Earth. The negative consequences on natural ecosystems are huge impacting the biodiversity, health, and even human economy, and cultures depending on them. 

The effects of the global climate change are felt almost everywhere in the world endangering the survival of Earth’s flora and fauna. We as human beings are also threatened by the global increase of temperature as we are closely connected to nature. 

We are witnessing the negative and disastrous effects of the climate change like the intense and long heat waves, loss of glaciers and sea ice leading to higher seal levels. The existing glaciers have shrunk, the ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up sooner than expected, the trees are flowering sooner and the plant and animal ranges have shifted.

These changes have increased the occurrence of more violent weather phenomena like frequent fires, drought, and flood causing death of many animal and plant species. The people are also being affected as their natural surrounding and habitat are being destroyed. Recently, we have climate refugees as a result of the destruction of the food chain and economic resources, particularly common in developing countries.

We have come to a point of no return, and the overwhelming issue of climate change cannot be ignored. Each human being can do something and contribute to the saving of our planet like the reduction of the plastic which has endangered the marine life and polluted our oceans, and that is one aspect that needs to be addressed. We need to realize the gravity of this problem as it will not go away by itself if we do not do anything about it, in fact it may even lead to a complete destruction.

The climate change cannot be avoided, but we can introduce measures that can mitigate its consequences and slow down the process.

Check the images below and see how we are changing the world: