16 Incredible Himalayan Salt Products and Applications That You Didn’t Know About

The Himalayan Crystal Salt is highly beneficial salt which very much differs from the other salts present on the market. It contains all the 84 natural elements and minerals that the human body has. More specifically, the minerals of the Himalayan salt have a colloidal form thus being small enough to be efficiently absorbed by the cells in our bodies.

15 Health Advantages of the Himalayan Crystal Salt

  1. Aids the vascular health
  2. Promotes healthy function of the respiratory system
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels
  4. Improves body circulation
  5. Postpones the aging process
  6. Manages water levels within the body and regulates them to function accordingly
  7. Supports the production of hydroelectric energy in the cells
  8. Promotes a stable pH balance in cells, the brain included as well
  9. Makes the bones stronger
  10. Reduces cramps
  11. Decreases the occurrence of sinus issues, and supports the overall sinus health
  12. Provides healthy sleeping patterns
  13. The health of the gall bladder and the kidneys is improved contrary to the common use of the chemically treated salt
  14. Assists in better food absorption inside the intestinal tract
  15. Promotes a healthy libido

As per performed study in 2011, on the use of Himalayan Salt in daily life, revealed the following results, namely the participants in this study who drank water with Himalayan Salt noticed substantial improvements in the respiration, circulation, functions of the nervous system and organ, connective tissue. Furthermore, they reported an elevated activity of the brain and better concentration, visible growth of the hair and the nails, improved sleep quality and better weight loss process.

The natural amounts of sodium in the Himalayan Crystal Salt can reduce the stress response, and bring the anxiety at a minimum, thereby relaxing the body and providing a good night’s sleep, which is highly necessary for proper body function.
Plus, the salt in the blood stream raises the levels of oxytocin, being another reaction to stress. Oxytocin has the ability to relax and calm the body, which is another crucial factor for alleviating tension and acquiring a good night’s sleep.

16 Natural Himalayan Salt Products and Applications

The use and application of the Himalayan salt can be so versatile, therefore check the list below and find out these amazing alternatives of Himalayan salt. Likewise, include it in your daily regimes and replace the table salt with the super healthy Himalayan salt.

  1. Ground Himalayan Salt
    This type of salt is used in any food where you are supposed to put salt.
  2. The Use of Mortar and Pestle
    While grinding herbs and spices with the mortar and pestle use some Himalayan salt in it.
  3. Blocks of Salt
    These blocks can be used when dishes are displayed and served. They can be also cooled in order to keep a cold temperature for several hours for displaying cheeses, meats, and fruits.
  4. Salt Inhaler
    The inhalation of the Himalayan salt can decrease the inflammation in the lungs and aid in the treatment of other conditions, such as colds, asthma, allergies, hay fever, congestion, and sinus congestion.
  5. Sole Chunks
    Sole chunks can be made out of big Himalayan salt chunks, which in fact it is salt saturated water quickly prepared at your own home. All you have to do is to add 1 teaspoon of the sole in a glass of water and enjoy all the health benefits.
  6. Salt Bowl
    For a more delicate taste of your ice cream serve it in a salt bowl. Likewise, you can put this salt bowl in the oven, then heat it and use it for serving chili or stew in it.
  7. Shot Glass
    Every drink that tastes better with adding salt can be served in these glasses.
  8. Salt Tumbler
    Use this Himalayan Salt Tumbler and acquire all the necessary minerals, you can simply put water in it and enjoy it benefits.
  9. Bath Salts
    Himalayan salt bath helps in the absorption of all nutrients and minerals at a cellular level.
  10. Foot Tiles
    These stones are frequently used in all spas in order to bring relaxation to the tired feet. They can be used either cold or warm. If you like them warm, warm them up as per given instructions on the package. Then place a towel on the floor and then put the stones on it. Now, all you have to do is to put your tired feet on the stones and relax.
  11. Salt Lamps
    These lamps are highly beneficial for the air in the rooms you reside. They can eliminate dust and bacteria that are airborne and emit negative ions thereby refreshing the air in the room. Moreover, these salt lamps will provide you with a pleasant atmosphere in a room, and help you to get rid of the unpleasant smells present in your home.
  12. Salt Bowls
    They can be used in similar way like the salt lamps. Bigger salt bowls efficiently get rid of unpleasant smells and at the same time refresh the air.
  13. Salt Crystal Bar
    This is a great exfoliation skin bar which in the process adds beneficial minerals into the body. If you find this bar too rough for your skin, then you can wrap it in a washcloth and use it in that way.
  14. Deodorant Stone
    It is an excellent deodorant due to the antibacterial properties which have the ability to stop the occurrence of bacteria that cause unpleasant smells. For that purpose,wet the antiperspirant stone and use it on the underarm. After that, wash the stone and leave it to dry out, and then store it in a container.
  15. Salt Scrubs
    These salt scrubs are used for skin exfoliation. So, when you are having a shower or taking a bath, use a small amount of salt scrub and gently massage it on your wet skin. Wash the skin and pat it dry.
  16. Massage Roller
    Relax your spine by gently massaging it with the massage roller in order to relive stress and stimulate the points of acupressure.