17 Priceless Parenting Life Hacks Moms and Dads Need Urgently

Having a baby is the most wonderful thing that can happen in your life, especially if it is the first one. It is a true blessing and amazing experience making the home full with happiness, positivity, love, purity, but as well as with endless chaos.

Young parents that have their first baby are still not aware of the new situation in their lives as for this one you cannot fully be prepared. There are numerous responsibilities that before were not present and we are not talking only about changing diapers, feeding the baby, and consequently burping.

However, people can really amaze us with their creativity and these young couples have found some interesting ways to take care of their baby and small children. It is inevitable to face with some unpleasant situation in parenthood and here are some tips that have been used by other parents.

17 Life-Saving Parenting Life Hacks

  1. Prevent injuries to your baby’s head in the following ways:

  1. Protect your feet and walls by using pool noodles on the walker.

  1. It is possible to feed both babies hands-free.

  1. Your sockets are still not protected, just use the adhesive top from the baby wipes and cover the sockets.

  1. Flights can be a real horror for children, especially long ones, but a set of stickers will keep them entertained during the whole flight.

  1. You can entrain your kid with a full package of diapers.

  1. The shower curtain can serve as DIY pool.

  1. Your child will inevitably puke in the car, so in order to remove the smell, heat wax warmers under the sun.

  1. One inventive dad stacked band-aid outside the Ziploc baggies in order to easily recognize them.

  1. The watermelon will be the most delicious dessert if it is in a form of stick.

  1. You can heat up multiple plates at once in the microwave. Here it is how:

  1. Pool noodles can be also used as door bumpers and thus preventing the possibility of getting your child’s fingers caught indoors.

  1.  Ice-creams always drip when a child eats one, but stuffing a marshmallow in the bottom will prevent that.

  1.  Your baby’s tummy and its body will be warm during the night by warming-up sack of rice in a flannel cloth.

  1. Rubber gloves can be also used in this way.

  1. Here it is a great way to reward your children.

  1. You can have a portable bed by sewing 4 pillows into one.

These creative tips can be of great help in your parenthood as every help is welcomed and every parent knows this. If you have also come up with some creative invention that has made your parenthood easier, you are highly welcomed to share it with us.

Parenting is not an easy task, but you should not worry all the time as you are the best caregiver for your child. Plus, it is naturally encrypted in our genes how to take care of our offspring.