17 Things You Shouldn’t Do Abroad!

Travelling is a great experience, but there are some rules that you need to follow when travelling abroad. These are not strict rules, but more traditions of the nations you visit, which is always a good thing to know them so that you do not make any mistakes. Here below are some of them depending on the destination you are about to visit.

China is a country where it s believed that if you give a clock or an umbrella as a present it will bring you bad luck.

Chile, here manners do matter so do not eat with your hands.

France and also other countries but not in such extreme consider talking or asking about money an impolite thing.

Germany, when you are in this country do not congratulate the birthday of the person before the actual day as Germans believe that the person may not live up to the birthday if it is congratulated before the real date.

Hungary, in this country you shouldn’t click glasses when toasting. Even though it is old tradition, today there are still people who avoid clicking glasses particularly when drinking beer.

Ireland, Irish people believe that they do not have specific accent, so try not to imitate the Irish accent.

Italy, Italians drink cappuccino in the morning, so when you are in a restaurant the waiter will be surprised if you order one during the day. Yet, if you wish you can order any time as that is your wish.

Japan is a country where the best service is a normal thing, so you shouldn’t leave tips because no one is waiting for them.

Kenya, people in this country do not call other persons immediately on their first name. You should wait till someone else calls you by the first name, and then use it to address to the person.

Mexico is a country where people like to joke and usually they are extremely funny therefore do not get offended at locals’ jokes.

New Zealand, here try to avoid honking as it is considered extremely impolite and often used when you want intentionally to offend other drivers.

Norway, in this country going to church is not a normal thing; therefore do not ask Norwegians about going to church, they may find it rude.

Singapore is a country where manners matter. So, do not throw garbage, do not eat in public transport, do not spit on the street and do not feed birds.

Turkey, here do not show OK gesture since it is extremely offensive. It is considered to be an obscene gesture.

Ukraine and this also applies for most Slavic countries bringing even number of flowers to a person is very rude as even number of flowers are brought when someone dies or when visiting cemeteries.

UK is a country where you should not ask people how much they earn because this makes people uncomfortable.

USA, contrary to Japan in the states you should not forget to leave tips because it is obligatory which varies from the service you use.