2-Ingredient Magical Recipe for Varicose Veins and Thrombosis! Here’s What You Need To Do!

Varicose veins have become quite a common health issue nowadays. It affects both genders, male and female, but it seems that women suffer more from this health and aesthetic issue. Many of them are prone to wearing longer skirts so that they are not visible, and most of them tried many expensive remedies to resolve this issue.

It occurs as a result of damaged valves and veins, injuries, blood clots, lack of exercise, then due to excess weight, pregnancy, and the last one standing or sitting for a longer period of time. Varicose veins usually appear on the legs and ankles. However, this is not only an aesthetic issue; it is very much a health one as twisted, distended and swollen vein can block the blood circulation to the heart, our main organ. The blood is accumulated in the affected veins which might block deeper veins and trigger severe vein thrombosis. Therefore, you should not neglect this health issue, because if you do, you might not be able to treat it properly later on.

As always proper diet should be introduced in your lifestyle, consuming healthy food, regularly exercising and avoiding longer standing or sitting can assist you in avoiding this disease or stop its further progress. We shall present you an incredible homemade natural remedy which will help you in resolving this issue. It is easy and simple to prepare it, and the results are quite amazing. Here below are the necessary ingredients and its instructions.

Varicose Veins Recipe

Needed ingredients:

-1 glass of sheep milk

-1 baby soap


They are pretty much simple; just grind the baby soap into the milk. Then store it in a plastic container and keep it in refrigerator.


Make compresses with this homemade solution and place them on the affected areas. Further on, rub the mixture up and down, 3 times a day. The amazing results will be inevitable. If anyone you know suffers from this condition recommend this recipe and share it among each other.