2 Servings of This Vegetable Can Rejuvenate Your Brain for 11 Years

As per recently performed studies it was revealed that the consumption of certain foods can rejuvenate your brain, and postpone its aging.

Did you know that vegetables belonging to the group of leafy greens can rejuvenate the brain by amazing 11 years?

Namely, by consuming 2 servings of any green leafy vegetables, like spinach, kale, or grape leaves on a dailybasisit can significantly improve your brain function. All this is thanks to the high content of vitamin K.

The effect of consuming leafy greens on cognitive abilities was examined by a study which involved participants of older age group. The cognitive abilities of these were measured, and the results showed that those people who ate leafy greens on regularbasis had much better brain function. In fact their brain function resembled to a person eleven years younger than them, which was not the case with the older people who did not eat any leafy greens.

Green leafy vegetables are high in other vital nutrients aside the presence of vitamin K, like folate, lutein, and beta carotene, which when combined together help to postpone the development of dementia.

The green leafy veggies have the power in the prevention and reduction of the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and this was already confirmed for the first time in the history by the findings of this study.

Therefore, consumegreen leafy vegetables more often by which you arehelping the function of your body and brain so that they serve you well for the years to come.