Only 3% of People Have the Letter X on Both of Their Hands, Here is the Meaning of That X

The foretelling of the “X” letter is not some superstitious method or palmistry coming from India. In fact, it has been used for centuries in ancient times to foretell the future of some person.

It has been used by Egyptians and Greeks and the last known historical record of this process is noted in the ruling era of Great Alexander when even the royal advisers predicted that Alexander the Great will be the greatest leader in the era since he had two clearly visible letter X’s in both palms.

The Russians have become very much interested in this subject and because of that they carried out a research “X palm mystery and Spirit Science formula” at the STI University in Moscow. In this research they have been studying over 2 million people all around the world so that they can comprehend the relation between the letter X and the destiny of subjects. They found out that if a person has letter X on both palms, then it means that it belongs to the most extraordinary group of people like the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Abraham Lincoln.

Having the letter “X” on both hands suggests strong character and the best destiny which will not have the need of any future planning. Other people need to carefully plan their own success all their life, but people with the letter “X” on both their palms do not need any studious planning so that they can succeed in their determined goals. It is their destiny to succeed and it will be only a matter of time before their destiny starts to fulfill itself and make the person with the double “X” one of the greatest among the rest of the people.

For the rest of the people these people are extremely gifted and very special individuals with whom you need to be extremely cautious as they have the ability to sense things from far away. They can be highly conscious on many things and no one can ever cheat them in any way. So, lying and cheating them is not an option as you will be detected immediately and eventually your life will become miserable for a while.

The physical appearance of these people is extremely strong although they may not seem to you the strongest most of the time. According to a performed study they are less susceptible to catching diseases and have the ability to change their own life in a minute. Likewise, they can create changes in the life of someone in a matter of time.

Here below are the foretelling “X” Properties:

  • The greatest leaders
  • Extremely successful
  • Being the sharpest
  • Persons that will never be forgotten after they die