3 Very Simple Ways to Flatten Your Bloated Belly in a Few Minutes

Many people suffer from bloated belly which is usually associated with an excessive consumption of certain foods and fat buildup in that area. You need to know that this condition is normal, particularly if you do not pay enough attention to the type of food you are consuming. Also, to the way of preparing your food, and to the timeframe when the food is consumed.

However, there is no need for too much worrying as it can be easily solved. If you follow the pattern shown below you will have no problems to flatten your stomach without the need of excruciating diets and eating regimes.

Here t is what you need to do:

Start with massaging the belly area above the navel for 2 to 3 minutes using your 4 fingers with circular motions as presented in the picture. After that, you need to change the direction of movement for additional 2 to 3 minutes. This procedure will aid you in the removal of accumulated gases.

In order to get rid of the retained water, repeat the same movements, but in this case much closer to the navel. Now, press the marked point on the picture and massage the area using higher pressure with circular motions. Naturally, the massage should not be painful.

If you are experiencing weight in this particular area, massage the lower abdomen in the same way.

This massage is extremely helpful, yet for optimal results you need to follow these tips:

  1. Begin your day by consuming lemon water as vitamin C intake prior breakfast regulates the processes which appear in the stomach.
  2. Avoid consuming drinks while eating since they hamper the digestion, which results in bloating.
  3. No alcohol on an empty stomach because this habit as well as disrupts digestion and kills the healthy microflora in the gut.
  4. Try to chew and eat slowly as while chewing quickly you swallow excess air, which causes bloating.
  5. Consume ginger tea, it has the ability to promote circulation and prevents the formation of gases.
  6. Relaxation is crucial to prevent this condition. Try to meditate in fresh air for 15 minutes or simply go for a short walk.

In the video below there is a recipe, which will help you in getting rid of bloated belly: