3 Things Absolutely Everyone Should Know About Women Who Have Undergone Caesarean Section

A photographer specializing in birth photos, Nicole Monet, wanted to show the strength, courage and beauty of women giving birth by Caesarean section. She took the opportunity to write a text of three truths concerning women who underwent a Caesarean section:

 The courage of women giving birth by Caesarean section

It’s not easy to get ready for a Caesarean section. In addition, the mother’s partner is often not permitted to enter the operating room until the child is about to enter the world.

While doctors and nurses are ready, the mother is lying on a barren table, feels alone and is frightened.

Put yourself in her place on the operating table, fear tying her bowels. See how courageous they are.

The strength of the mothers giving birth by Caesarean section

Even though some moms have the luxury of having weeks to prepare for caesarean section, some have only a few days, hours or even just a few minutes. Everything they planned around the meeting with their child is turned upside down.

The surgery involves an incision and points, as for recovery, it can take months. Their only worries are love and building a relationship with their baby.

They are beautiful

By becoming mothers, women change and wear scars. Some are psychological, others are physical. And for mothers undergoing a Caesarean section, they are both at the same time.

This scar is the gateway to the world for the worn child.

The different scars fascinate me, their texture, their length, their location. The story behind each one expresses its uniqueness. They evolve over time, fade, grow and heal. Let’s pay tribute to these beautiful scars whose mothers don’t have to be ashamed. They are marks of courage and strength.