3 Truths About C-Section Mothers That Everyone Should Know

God has given to most of the women the privilege of being a mother, and even though it is a real blessing, it is always accompanied with many responsibilities, hardships, and as well as huge rewards. Therefore, if you are a mother who delivered her baby with C-section, always be very proud of your Caesarean section “mark of happiness.”

Caesarean section birth requires enormous strength and courage as it is not just a childbirth, but also a complex operation, and because of that we should admire any woman who has gone through this process. Here below are three true facts regarding this process of which all women with C-section have experienced them.

  1. Women with C-section courageously deal with the consequences of surgical intervention

Even though, some people think that C-section is just a simple surgery, this is not a true fact, it is actually a major surgery like any other complex surgery where the mother and the baby are put at risk.

Because of that, immediate family and the father of the child cannot be present at the childbirth, so they are also under great stress as they are in the waiting room eagerly expecting some information regarding the procedure. The fear and worries they feel while waiting their loved ones to come out from the surgery room, where the future mom needs to show great strength and will to have her baby safely delivered in this painful process.

  1. Women with C-section are not always sure if everything went well until they leave the operating room

Even when the childbirth is over, and the baby is safely pulled out of the mother’s womb, doctors cannot say for sure that everything went well until the anesthesia has worn off, which is same like in any other surgery.

Additionally to this, mothers with C-section are conscious while the procedure is still going one. It is a fact that they do not experience pain, but the unpleasant feeling, the movements happening inside them can be felt, and if you have not been informed about these issues previously, this whole experience can be traumatic. Not to mention the fact, that they can hear the machines and some of the ongoing talks of the doctors.

Nevertheless, all these women are brave, and wait for their reward, and that is their loving baby.

  1. Women with C-section bravely go through their excruciating post-cesarean recovery

Having a child is the most wonderful thing that can happen to any person, but also requires solid predisposition and logistics which are often exhausting. Every one of these attributes belong to every mother, but for a woman with C-section it needs an extra effort as while they are recovering from a major surgery they also need to take care of their baby. The post-cesarean recovery is accompanied with great discomfort and lot of pain which is inevitable part of every surgery.

Yet, no matter how hard it can be every mother does it with a smile and offering plenty of love towards their baby. These mothers cross the pain threshold and develop an inner strength which is only comparable to the strength of another mother.

Aside the pain and the great discomfort, the effect of your own child’s smile wipes everything off. Taking care of the baby in this period is real hard work; but the feeling of holding your baby in your arms is irreplaceable. So, every ache, every harsh pain goes away when you can sense the warm smell of your baby, hold that little hand with tiny fingers, and experience a new kind of love which is not comparable to any one that you have felt it before.

Therefore, mothers, be proud of your scar as it is a symbol of bravery and sacrifice, do not hide it or disguise it worrying how it may look. This mark just shows of what you are really made of, and because of that you are privileged.