3 Unhealthy Habits That Cause Bloating, Indigestion & Acid Reflux

Almost everyone has experienced at some point of the life food coma while you are in the restaurant or at home. This condition is caused as a result of the eating habits that many people tend to consider as healthy. Here are some eating habits that you might need to change in order to avoid food coma:

  1. Don’t mix food rich with protein and starch

Let’s be honest, eating hamburger, fries and steak is tasty but it makes you drowsy and tired after you finish eating it. Also, combining rice, pasta, bread and potatoes with proteins (fish, eggs, chicken, and beef) can lead to serious problems with digestion and reflux.

This problem occurs because the starch transforms into sugar much faster than the proteins. Due to this, the body needs more time in order to digest the proteins, whereas the starch just passes through the stomach. During the process of mixing protein and starches in the stomach it causes the starches to remain in the stomach for longer period of time. So when the proteins are digested, the starches start to ferment and results with uncomfortable feeling and sensation in the stomach.

The best solution is to consume starches before you start consuming protein foods. Also you may try to eat less quantities of starch when mixing it with protein. This way you will manage to avoid problems with digestion.

  1. Don’t drink cold water during a meal

If you want to drink water during your meal you should avoid drinking cold water because it tightens your blood vessels and decreases the capability of food digestion. Also it prevents and slows down the process of absorption of nutrients. Cold water makes the fats firm which hardens the process of absorption in the organism and requires much more energy in order to stabilize the temperature rather than using it for food digestion.

The best solution is to drink hot water mixed with lemon juice, or green tea before you eat. This way you will support the process of digestion and support the body in the process of nutrients absorption. Also avoid drinking cold water, but rather consume water at room temperature.

  1. Don’t consume lots of water during a meal

You should avoid drinking big amounts of water during your meal because it can make you feel bloated. Instead you should drink small sips during the meal.

It is recommended not to drink water during your meal because when you digest food hydrochloric acid is released which is supposed to support the process of digestion. When you consume water it will dilute the hydrochloric acid and the nutrients will not be absorbed properly.

Due to this fact, you should drink water before or after your meal. If you still want to drink water during your meal you should take small sips.