30 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Older

The present moments are very important in the life we live in although we never really look upon them. When we get older we reflect deeply on the way how we live our lives and there are not many people that have no regrets. We all strive to lead our lives without regrets but the society limits us, our loved ones, our characters, and so many other reasons.

In a research lead by Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist at Cornell University, that involved 1,500 people over the age of 65 this author of “30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans” has come to the following conclusion:

If you get to the end of your life with no regrets at all, you probably haven’t lived that interesting a life. But they can’t believe how people waste their time. Petty fights, resentments, and worry.”

Things That You Will Probably Regret When Older

  • Not enjoying the present moment.

  • Wasting time and energy on what others think about you.

  • Not being brave enough to quit the terrible job knowing that it will kill your enthusiasm and stimulus. 

  • Working way too much and thus not enjoying life.

  • Becoming self-absorbed.

  • Not standing up for yourself.

  • Not having enough time for volunteering.

  • Keeping grudges for so long thereby accumulating negative energy in your life.

  • Allowing the frames of society to define you and preventing you from fulfilling your dreams.

  • Not following your own dreams just because the others are more important.

  • Getting caught up in unnecessary drama draining your energy.

  • Having no hobby.

  • Not being able to cook as you have not learned during the life.

  • Not taking the advices of your parents. In old age we realize that our parents are usually our best advisors since we have been their most important people in their lives.

  • Lack of knowledge and education that became a disadvantage in life.

  • Not reading enough.

  • Staying in a relationship with people that hurt us.

  • Not ending a toxic relationship in time, and once you are decisive enough, you realize that it was such a waste of time.

  • Not having enough friends believing that you do not need them. Friendship is very important in life, especially a true one offering you the needed support, help, motivation, and cheering you up.

  • Not finishing things and quitting too early.

  • No application of sunscreen that will trigger the development of serious skin damage, wrinkles, moles, and even skin cancer.

  • Not expressing your feelings and not saying “I love you”.

  • Avoiding changes in life as you are being afraid of them, but they bring only improvements and better opportunities in life.

  • Worrying excessively knowing that stress can only bring poor health.

  • Not being grateful.

  • Not having the time to learn another language realizing that this knowledge can be of great assistance in finding out more about other cultures, history, and customs.

  • Regretful about not taking the chance for travels as when you get older it is more difficult to leave everything and go around the world.

  • Not exercising enough when you were young as regular physical activity maintains the body strong and healthy.

  • Being too afraid to take chances in life that could have made your life better.

  • Spending too little time with your loved ones, and there will be times when your loved ones will not be near you and you will regret not being with them.

We hope that these regrets of real persons will make you think twice and thus help you to improve your life for the better.