4 Ancient Japanese Secrets for Staying Slim and Healthy

Western health experts maintain that there are three important elements in the struggle of losing unwanted pounds.

Here they are:

  1. For successful weight loss process, 80 to 90% falls on diet.
  2. Exercising can particularly enhance the slimming effects.
  3. For optimal weight loss, the exercises must be consisted of cardio, weights, and flexibility.

If you desire to stay in good health and as well as be fit, you need to consume a healthy diet, incorporate physical activity in your daily life, and always drink plenty of water.

Yet, this does not apply to every culture in the world as each one of them has its own different rules in the case of health and weight loss.

In this article we shall concentrate on the Japanese culture which implements 4 rules for healthy body. Japanese have the highest longevity in the whole world which is as well as confirmed by the WHO. Therefore, we have to carefully reconsider their methods and remedies as even though we consider them strange they are rather very effective. Western cultures very much concentrate on calories when weight gain and weight loss is concerned, however the Japanese have completely different view regarding this matter.

Four Japanese Secrets Concerning Health and Weight Loss

  1. Warm foods

Every food that the body ingests turns into energy. In summer time, thanks to the consumption of fruits and vegetables the body is being cooled hence making it easy to adjust to the high temperatures outdoors.

In winter time, the food we take is higher in calories because the body requires warmth in order to warm up in the cold weather. The consumption of raw foods is also beneficial, but the consumption of warmer foods needs to be more frequent.

  1. Meals

According to Japanese, liquids negatively affect digestion; therefore they do not have the habit of drinking water or for that matter any kind of liquid while eating.

They believe that the liquids cool the body system and absorb its warmth. Likewise, water neutralizes the stomach acid, so the body will require more energy to digest foods. For them, the best sources of liquids are fruits, vegetables, and soups.

  1. Eating habits of a sumo wrestler, will make you one

Sumo wrestlers do not consume breakfast, but immediately after getting up, they start off with an intense training.  After their training, they have extremely rich and voluptuous lunch after which they take their lunch nap.

Their diet is consisted of only two huge meals, and even though they exercise a lot, they gain plenty of weight. We can conclude that no matter if you exercise a lot; you can gain weight especially if you eat a lot. It is a known fact that junk food and large meals are more powerful than exercising.

For that matter, you need to incorporate healthy and balanced diet, sleep enough and be physically active.

  1. Hot baths offer longevity

Having hot baths will relax your body, lower stress, and as well as stimulate circulation. Japanese believe that hot baths aid digestion, prolong life, and better skin complexion.

According to experts the perfect temperature would be 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.