4 Bad Practices That are Behind Bloating and Accumulation of Belly Fat

Do you always have to unbutton your pants after a meal? Well the belly is one of our most sensitive areas. It is the center of the body and cradle of emotions.

Often the number 1 enemy of weight gain is a bad living habit or addiction to bad food or bad practices that tend to accumulate belly fat that makes you overweight.

These are the most dangerous bad habits that create belly fat

Soft drinks: If you drink one glass of soft drink per day, the metabolism takes a big hit that creates fat that settles in your belly.

Eating very late every night: Eating food late at night is a favorable condition that allows many calories to accumulate at the stomach level, since eating and going to bed right after disables indigestion.

Eating becomes your antidepressant: Whether you are angry, upset or disturbed, eating becomes your way of appeasing the pressure and makes you calm whenever an emotion overwhelms you.

You do not sleep enough: If your body requires sleep, cortisol levels increases and gives you cravings to eat burgers and junk food.

Do exactly the opposite of what we mentioned above and your belly will be flatter than ever.