4 Cookware Pieces That Are Poisonous And That You Need To Avoid! Which Are The Safer Options!?

Many people tend to pay more attention to the food they are consuming rather than the cookware they are using for cooking. Depending on the health many people think that organic food included in the diet is the best without actually knowing that it could turn into harmful meal due to the kitchenware they use.

Lots of pans and pots are made from the same material but not all of them have the same effects when you are cooking. Using proper tools is most important in order to avoid negative impact over the food you consume.

You need to make sure that you avoid any of the following cookware pieces presented below:

  1. Ceramic-coated cookware

These items look great in the kitchen but they are very dangerous because they add toxins in the food you cook. Ceramic-coated cutlery, pots, and pans are consistent of different materials and they are covered with artificial polymer. In most of the cases the continuous warming up can lead to corrosion, or cracks. Once this happens it will lead to adding harmful chemicals in the food which is dangerous for your health.

  1. Non-stick cookware (Teflon)

Non-stick cookware is made of polytetrafluoroethylene which is artificial coating made of a plastic polymer. This compound could be poisonous once it is heated at certain temperature. Also it has been related to reproductive issues and in some cases with cancer. If you breathe the poisonous fumes it could lead to chest tightness, mild coughs, chills, fevers, and polymer fume fever.

  1. Aluminum foil and aluminum cookware

Many people have tendency to use aluminum without actually being aware that it could cause serious health issues. In case aluminum seeps into your food it could get into your brain, lungs, bones, and it could cause triggering tangles in the nerve fibers.

  1. Copper cookware

This type of cookware is very bad because it leaches into your food if it is uncoated. Also it contains protective coating made of nickel which is very harmful and allergenic. If you expose yourself to this material it could weaken your immune system and it might reduce the function of the thyroid glands.

Non-toxic cookware

  1. Glass

This type of cookware doesn’t discharge poisonous substances in the body. Also it is considered to be safe for cooking your food because it doesn’t degenerate.

  1. Stainless steel

Stainless steel is great cookware which doesn’t stick and you could use it for longer period of time. It is great for your food because it is resistant to crackings.

  1. Enameled cast iron

Coasted cast-iron kitchenware is free of poisonous fumes and it doesn’t stick. You could clean it very easily and it requires proper maintenance.

  1. Bare cast-iron

If you compare enameled cast-iron, bare cast-iron requires larger maintenance. In fact this cookware is great for cooking acidic ingredients that might leach small levels of iron. This is very beneficial for your health.