4 Minutes, 28 Days – A New Body! Must Try: The 28-Day Planking Challenge

Planking are a the best physical activity that the body can get, and by practicing them you will get that always wanted tight and toned belly.

In this article we shall present you the planking challenge which will offer you great physical performance and provide you with strong body. It may seem difficult for you, but it is really worth it, and moreover you will transform your body like you always wanted in just 4 minutes. After you finish this planking routine, the results will be immediately noticeable.

You start this routine with 20 seconds planking which are gradually increased every day. However, you have to do it correctly by keeping your elbows stacked under the shoulders. In this way the body will even out the weight. Then you need to keep your spine straight and abdominal muscles engaged. Next, position your legs a little wider than your hips’ point. At last, but not the least incorporate a steady breathing cycle without adding a pressure on the rest of your body.

Key Benefits of Planking

  1. Stomach tightening

This will be achieved just by simply keeping the right posture. The abdominal muscles are pretty much engaged in this process, and because of that there will be immediate improvement in the stomach area.

  1. Flexibility boost

Planking is a whole body exercise thanks to which your shoulders and back will become more flexible and more resistant to injuries.

  1. Body posture amelioration

The targets of planking are the abs and spine, and as a result of that you will be able to balance your body and learn how to sit upright all the time.

Here is the plank challenge done day-by-day:

  • 1st Day – 20 seconds
  • 2nd Day – 20 seconds
  • 3rd Day – 30 seconds
  • 4th Day – 30 seconds
  • 5th Day – 40 seconds
  • 6th Day– Take a break
  • 7th Day – 45 seconds
  • 8th Day – 45 seconds
  • 9th Day – 1 minute
  • 10th Day – 1 minute
  • 11th Day– 1 minute
  • 12th Day– 90 seconds
  • 13th Day – Take a break
  • 14th Day – 90 seconds
  • 15th Day – 90 seconds
  • 16th Day – 2 minutes
  • 17th Day – 2 minutes
  • 18th Day – 150 seconds
  • 19th Day – Take a break
  • 20th Day – 150 seconds
  • 21st Day – 150 seconds
  • 22nd Day – 3 minutes
  • 23rd Day – 3 minutes
  • 24th Day – 210 seconds
  • 25th Day – Take a break
  • 26th Day – 210 seconds
  • 27th Day – 240 seconds
  • 28th Day – Till you can endure

Check the video below to find out the right way of performing the planks, and see for yourself the incredible results that this plank challenge can offer to you.