4 Powerful Tips to Deflate the Belly and Lose Weight

Weight loss is a long process that requires diligence and commitment. Between regular workouts and diets, it can be difficult to follow these changes on the long term, especially regarding food. To help you achieve your goals quickly, here are some tips to follow.

Forget crash diets that deprive you of everything and leave you with major deficiencies. To lose weight, nothing better than conventional methods which are to do sports regularly and eat healthy. The food in particular, plays a big role in weight loss. The idea is not to introduce restrictions, but to find the balance! You do not have to starve yourself, but eat moderately and especially consume quality food i.e. lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and good fats.

It is also advisable to split meals (4 to 6 meals per day), while reducing portions. In this way, you will eat the quantities you need, without excess.

In addition to these general guidelines, there are some tips to help you control your diet and reduce your appetite to lose weight faster:

1 – Smell the mint, bananas and apples
Smelling the food to lose weight may seem odd, but it works! And it is even scientifically proven. According to a scientific study inhalation of peppermint can help to reduce calorie intake. The people who made this gesture every two hours ate 2.700 calories less per week than usual. That is to say, almost half a kilo less. Smelling bananas and apples can also have the same effect, according to other scientific studies.

Smelling these foods is actually a way to trick the brain, which will have the impression that our body was indeed fed.

2 – Draw a blue circle around you
Unlike red tones, the color blue is a cool color that symbolizes peace. This clear distinction is often associated with peace and serenity and can have a relaxing and soothing effect.
We know that in times of stress, many people find comfort in food. This is a natural response of the body facing the pressures it experiences. So the person falls on the first burger he sees, chocolate bar or other food, often unhealthy comfort foods and too caloric foods. These effects are the result of the increase in cortisol and insulin levels, which leads to an increased appetite. So surround yourself with blue color, it can help to relax, unwind and to lower tensions. You’ll be less stressed and eat less!

The blue color was also ranked as the least appetizing color, according to some studies. In fact, eating in a blue plate in a blue painted room, or on a table covered with blue, gives a feeling that there is a less space, which has the effect of weight loss.

3 – Take photo of everything you eat
Taking pictures of dishes, not only can be used to enrich your profiles on social networks and show your culinary skills, but also help you keep track of your diet.

Instead of using the pen to note on paper everything you eat during the day, take pictures. It is more convenient. And every time you want to eat, take a look at your photos of the day to remind you of what you have eaten before. This can be very effective in limiting the calorie intake.

4 – Eat in smaller plates
Eating in small plates is another way to trick her brain and reduce food portions. Really, using smaller plates, such as dessert plates, you will automatically serve smaller portions and therefore eat less.

According to a study by scientists from Food & Brand Lab at Cornell University in the United States, halving the size of the plate may result in a reduction of 30% of the amount of food ingested. Swap your big plates against other smaller to reduce your meals!