4 Signs of Colon Cancer That are Never Wrong… Be Careful of Their Appearance!

Each colon cancer is unique and is defined according to its location in the colon, its depth in the wall, or affected the glands close to the colon and the presence or not of metastases in other organs.

For a cancer like that of the colon, the importance of the damage is rather considerable and the pain engendered is so unbearable that death seems to be the only acceptable option for a sufferer. Here, in this article, we present you the 4 signs to warn you in case of colon cancer.

Colon cancer develops from the cells that line the inner wall of the colon. In more than 80% of cases, it comes from a benign tumor, called adenomatous polyp, which evolves slowly and ends up becoming cancerous. It is one of the most deadly cancers these days, due to the contamination and poisoning of today’s general diet.

How does modern medicine treat cancer today?

The choice of treatments is adapted to the situation. Several doctors from different specialties usually come together to discuss possible treatment solutions of certain case. They rely on recommendations of good practice. Person may also be invited to participate in a clinical trial.

For the treatment of cancer, professionals of different specialties (gastroenterologist, medical oncologist, surgeon, pathologist, psychiatrist or psychologist, pain specialist, nurse, stomaterapist, dietician, social worker intervene to agree on a common and well-targeted treatment within the healthcare facility.

In spite of all this, more than 90% of the treatments by radiotherapy or chemotherapy do not result in anything!

In the following page, it is time to be alerted to 4 important and unavoidable signs of colon cancer that we all have to pay attention in order to identify this deadly disease in time.

Here are the 4 main and inevitable signs that precede the development of colon cancer:

  1. Sudden loss of weight

Before the development of colon cancer, you will lose significant weight without having followed any treatment or slimming diet. This loss can go up to 5 or 10% of your weight over a period of 6 months and you have to check the origin with your doctor.

  1. Sensations of severe abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is frequent and often due to pathologies related to the digestive organs, we speak by extension of stomach aches. These recurring diseases are affecting a large part of the population: about 2 to 4 adults out of 10 and 1 to 2 in 10 children are frequently affected by abdominal pain.

  1. Intestinal transit is very much disturbed

Intestinal transit is a phenomenon that is part of digestion. Food is primarily ingested by the mouth, where chewing and the joint action of salivary enzymes reduce the size of food. The colon as the central part of the intestines and is the last step where the peristalsis will evacuate all the remains of untreated waste and eliminate them via the stool. If there is disruption of this transit, check with your doctor.

  1. Chronic fatigue without particular reason

If you experience fatigue and feelings of exhaustion and extreme energy loss all the time, even after a long rest, you should always ask yourself questions and share this with others, as well as visit you doctor.