4 Signs Your Third Eye is Opening

Many people consider the third eye as spiritual sign, because it represents the capability to conquer challenges that our life puts us into. Being able to open the third eye will allow you to enter the inner strength and wisdom. Also it is considered as spiritual awakening which connects your body and the spirit. You may open the third eye through meditation and mindfulness.

Here are the 4 signs of opened third eye:

  1. Sensitivity to light

If you manage to open the third eye you will become more sensitive to light. Also you will be able to see more colors, especially vivid colors. At first you might not be able to see the vivid colors and you might not be as aware of it, but you actually will become more aware of everything that is around you. In case of doing yoga you might notice stronger lights that will appear around you.

  1. Increased foresight

The main sign of opening the third eye is the increased foresight. You will feel more attention awareness thus feel stronger intuition. Also you might get the feeling of something that might happen, or you will have the sense of right and wrong. You might not notice, but this feeling can come and go at any time, and it could get stronger as well.

  1. Feeling of gradual and continual change

You will notice a change once you open the third eye. This perspective could alter your personality, and it will definitely change the life in positive matter. Also you will notice that you have become more tolerant towards other people and situations, and also you might feel that everything is changing around you.

  1. Dull pressure between the eyebrows

Once the third eye is open you will feel a deeper level of sensation between the eyebrows. This might give you a feeling of touch on your forehead, but also you might feel sensation of warmth across this area. The sensation might happen all of a sudden or during the process of meditation. This sensation actually is a sign that you have been pulled back in the spiritual state of mind.

Here is how to engage the third eye

In order to engage the third eye you will need to encounter the greater state of mindfulness. Also you should be able to foster a strong sense of intuition. Here is how to reach the healthy body to soul connection:

  1. Be aware of your senses
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Don’t limit your beliefs
  4. Do aesthetic activities
  5. Meditate
  6. Walk in nature

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