4 Things That All Women Have to Stop Doing Right Now!

When it comes to routine hygiene and beauty, women each have their say. But sometimes, some adopt habits that, instead of improving their appearance and preserving their health, increase the risks of infections or aesthetic problems. Here are 4 mistakes to absolutely avoid in your daily beauty routine!

To take care of themselves, women choose the most effective products and the most adapted to their needs, and establish a routine that they follow scrupulously, in order to always be resplendent. But sometimes the method they adopt is inadequate and risks doing them more harm than good. To help you avoid this, here are some common mistakes to no longer commit!

Shaving instead of waxing

To get rid of unwanted hair, whether in the underarms, legs or swimsuit, some women prefer to use the razor rather than the wax. More convenient and less painful, the razor removes hair in minutes.

However, this practice favors the growth of thicker and more visible hair, and especially much faster than waxing. It also increases the number of ingrown hairs and often causes small wounds that may inflame if they are not disinfected properly, especially at the intimate part. In addition, a repetitive shave causes skin irritation and darkening, which is not the aim at all.

Vaginal douches

After intercourse or period of menstruation, women seek to find a clean vagina. This is why some women resort to the vaginal douche. This technique involves injecting water into the vagina, in order to better “clean” and “deodorize” it.

Even though it seems harmless, the vaginal douche disrupts the flora present in the vagina and acts as a barrier blocking access to external pathogens. So by eliminating it or unbalancing it with the vaginal shower, the risks of infection and irritation of this fragile and delicate part of the body are considerably increased.

So, be sure to use an external cleaner with lukewarm water and natural soap with neutral pH.

Exposing yourself to the sun for a long time

Who does not love to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays or the beautiful honey color of the tan? It is true that a reasonable exposure to sunlight is beneficial for the body, since it promotes the secretion of vitamin D, but this is not a reason to abuse it. Indeed, prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun alters the quality of your skin and causes its early aging. Result: a relaxed, wrinkled and dotted skin with brown spots.

If you want to enjoy a sunny day, wear a hat and clothes wide enough to protect you from harmful rays and renew the application of your sun screen every two hours.

Applying too much shampoo on the hair

To have a beautiful, healthy and brilliant hair, it must be maintained. One of the main steps of the hair routine is washing. Indeed, washing your hair with a suitable shampoo will help you get rid of excess sebum and dust, without drying or damaging it. But what should not be forgotten is that the technique of application plays an important role.

Pouring a large amount of shampoo on the hair and then trying to get it to the scalp will only weaken your hair lengths and reduce the quality of scalp cleaning.

So dilute a sufficient amount of shampoo in water and pour the mixture on your scalp, then let it flow over your lengths, before ending with the application of a nourishing and moisturizing conditioner. So, your hair will get clean and well nourished.