4 Tips That Will Help You Burn Fat While You Sleep… Awesome!

In this article we suggest you to learn 4 things that prevent you from losing weight.

It is true that sometimes despite all our efforts, we do not lose a pound and that without knowing the reason. You may think that certain habits are harmless to your weight, while it may turn out to be the opposite.

Did you know you could lose weight during sleep?!

Even if you are not conscious, when you sleep, your body continues to function. You consume energy which means you lose weight while sleeping.

However it is important to know that this can vary according to the morphology, diet, as well as the age of the person.

But did you know that it is possible to lose 200 calories a day without changing your diet or physical activity.

The Keri Gans method

Dr. Keri Gans, nutritionist explains in her book “The Small Change Diet” that it would be possible to optimize weight loss significantly by knowing a few rules.

Here are the 4 tricks of Dr. Gans to apply in the evening before sleep:

Consume more water

It is important to consume more water than usual. And especially not to deprive yourself at night, this will avoid the phenomenon of water retention as well as eliminate the toxins that clutter your body.

Be active

You must be active during the day because it will have an impact in the evening and especially during your sleep. You will sleep better and your body will burn more calories.

Take meals at home

In the morning, at noon and in the evening it is a rule to which one must not derogate. This will allow you to eat healthier, if you must eat outdoors so take with you your meal in order to avoid takeaway meals.

Avoid overheating your room

Sleeping in too hot environment does not promote weight loss, so that the opposite would allow to lose weight, since the body needs more energy to maintain the normal body temperature. It will therefore be necessary to lower the heating a little to put all the chances on your side.