Over 45.000 Cancer Patients Say THIS Drink Treated Them!

The Austrian naturopath Rudolf Breuss is the author of a not so revolutionary but very effective method to treat cancer.

Rudolf Breuss relies primarily on prevention to curb oncological diseases. His method is particularly effective for early treatment of cancer disease. The doctor claims that vegetable juices and herbal infusions are able to perform a miracle when conventional medicine is powerless!

The principle of diet that cured 45,000 patients since 1980 is foolproof. Strict dietary restrictions help to purify the blood, strengthen the immune system and thus causing destruction of cancer cells.

Dr. Rudolf Breuss’ diet regimen should last 42 days. The Austrian naturopath is absolutely confident that the cancer feeds on solid and sweet food that humans consume. During a liquid diet the disease will be destroyed because cancer cells cannot survive!

“We know that human is a complex organism. And there is no doctor or scientist who can say that he is aware of everything that happens with our body!” – Says the author of the revolutionary diet.

This cancer treatment method of Rudolf Breuss will be effective if followed exactly by the doctor’s instructions. It is necessary to stop consuming any food for 42 days, except for vegetable juices. The amount of juice that is consumed per day should not exceed 4 cups. At the same time 3-4 cups of St. John’s wort, mint and lemon balm mix tea should be consumed without any added sugar or honey.

During these 42 days you should drink every morning the following vegetable cocktail:

1 small beetroot
1 carrot
1 celery stick
1 radish
1 medium potato, raw or two small

Just peel all the vegetables, cut them into cubes and make juice.

Eating after these 42 days starts gradually. First, include clear vegetable soup. Then in the soups can be added meat from free range chicken. Also seeds and nuts of your choice soaked in natural yogurt should be introduced. One should start eating slowly with one meal a day. Two days of eating soup for lunch or dinner, the next two days three meals a day are introduced, then four and so until they are 5 a day.

This 42-day diet of Dr. Rudolf Breuss is done twice a year, preferably after the end of winter and early autumn, due to the abundance of vegetables.

Source: davidwolfe.com