48-Yr-Old Mark Wahlberg Shows Off Insanely Chiseled Body After 45-Day Challenge: ‘Age Is Just A Number’

The way how our body should look in the forties or even fifties have changed a lot. It seems that the forties are the new twenties and fifties the new thirties. Many people including celebrities do not look old even if they have reached their mature age. One of them is for sure the 48-year-old handsome Mark Wahlberg.

This famous Hollywood actor showed his chiseled body in an Instagram post without wearing a shirt. We could all see his rippling 6-pack abs leaving us drooling over his incredible physique.

His incredible chiseled body amazed us all breaking the rule how should someone look in his late fourties. The ladies went crazy for him and for sure he will score very high on the list of the “Sexiest Men Alive” this year. He could be on the top ten places if he continues like this. If you have not seen his post on Instagram, check it below and see for yourself.

His picture went instantly viral and everyone wanted to know how he managed to create such incredibly defined body. The leading actor of the Planet of the Apes star stated the following: “F45 results 45-day challenge. #ageisjustanumber #nowine54days#cleaneating.” This meant the workout routine that he followed referring to the global fitness community F45, which specializes in “innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and proven to get rapid results for members.” Mark was so much pleased with the workout that he decided to invest in the company last November. It is believed that this workout routine comes from Australia which Mark liked so much.

Well, the positive results are obvious, a nicely muscle defined body which he displays in many of his movies. For Mark this was a lucrative decision, and as well as an enjoyable one. He is very pleased with the shape of his body that he frequently posts pictures from his fitness journey and videos of him sweating it out in the gym.

Social media missed something like Mike Wahlberg, thanks to which the stereotypes have been broken how should a person look like in his forties. All the young hot guys envy him, but in a positive sense as he did it as a pro.

Mark’s shirtless torso was checked by many celebrities and sportsman. They all commented on his well-shaped body, very much impressed on his physical appearance. This actor is finally receiving the recognition he deserves. His physique has turned quite a few heads on Instagram and its followers. Some of the comments were hilarious, like the one of the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Tom liked it so much that he joked about it and invited Mark to join his team. He wrote: “We are looking for some skill players. Come on, Mark, do it! Show those young chaps how it’s done.”

Age should never define us who we are and the Extra host Mario Lopez stated exact the following in his quote: “Show em what fellas in their 40’s are all about! You look awesome bro!! This statement is really a praise since coming from Lopez who is also in his fourties, but still keeps his body in good shape with muscle defined packs.

Men have started to take good care of their bodies in their mature age, but they are not the only ones as women have started to do the same. In the case of Mark, his wife, 41, Rhea Wahlberg is incredible sexy and well fit. Let us not forget that she is a mother of four and even being a model after four childbirths one should receive a medal of its good looks. She is also an avid fitness enthusiast and likes the new workout routine that Mark is following.

This celebrity couple is the epitome of how should a Hollywood couple look like, both physically and socially. They have been together since 2001, and in 2009 they got married. They have recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and made it memorable by having a romantic getaway in Sardinia, Italy. This couple with a long-lasting relationship is a perfect example how a Hollywood couple should be like. Plus, thanks to their looks they can easily become the new Instagram fitness influencer couples, if they want to. If they go professionally, Rhea should stop teasing her husband about his shirtless look that he presented in the video from the New Years by sharing a post about having a healthy 2019. Rhea, we like admiring your husband’s body, and for sure he deserves this appreciation.