5 Bad Foods That Make Your Belly Swell!

We all know many types of diets and the majority of them is to ban or at least to consume as little as possible certain foods. Only a lot of diets contradict one another and a person finds it difficult understand which foods to banish in certain diets and which are considered good in others.

But no matter what diet you follow, today we will present you the 5 foods to be banished in all circumstances.

  • Potato contains a lot of carbohydrates and starch. It was consumed a lot during the wars, because it’s cheap and very nutritious, this vegetable can keep you full all day long with a single meal.
  • Wheat, and therefore gluten, and bread by extension, causes swelling of your abdomen.
  • Pasta consists mostly of complex sugars, fat and starch. And all of this can not be eliminated quickly and without strenuous exercise.
  • Flours containing gluten, like bread, are hard to digest.
  • Corn flakes: Cereals are stuffed with sugar and therefore must be banished. We added to milk, they cause great burden to your stomach.