5 Female Behaviors That Men Simply Love: The Last May Surprise You

Women have always been the biggest mystery of mankind. With their many facets and moods throughout the day, loving a woman is an art! While each has her own personality, the females seem to have some specific behaviors. Here are 5 that tend to charm the gentlemen!

1 – Rest your head on his chest

There is nothing that can further reinforce the male ego when you put your head on his chest. One cannot describe the sense of pride that comes over your partner, because with this gesture, you make him understand that with him you feel safe. By nature, the male needs to assert his manhood and to inspire a sense of security. Snuggling on his chest strengthens his confidence, and your relationship.

2 – Playing with his hair when driving

This gesture is of extreme sensuality. Besides being an intimate gesture, you get to make him understand, that you care for him. And men love to feel loved. Physical contact – besides sex – is very important to consolidate the ties of a couple. Do not hesitate to take his hand and gently stroke it. These small gestures will make the relationship more emotional!

3 – Give him the public value

Men have an enormous ego. So the more you give them importance in your eyes, compliment them and valuate them, the more they will love you, especially if all this is done in public. For there is some competition between men to have the best partner and to be the best partner for a woman. If a woman shows openly how happy she is with her man, he can only be crazy about her. Then, hold his hand, smile at him, tell him how much you like him and do not be ashamed to do so in public. You will have his heart, guaranteed!

4 – Listen carefully

It is true that this is not strong point to us women, this is why we must sometimes listen. Listening for someone is respect, and men love their partner to respect them. Listen, understand and give them the time, this is pushing them to focus more on you. Simple, right?

5 – Text and call him when he is with friends

While you may be convinced otherwise that our men like to have time for themselves to see their friends, play football or have beer with their friends, that does not stop the fact that they love to receive phone calls or unexpected text messages from you. Tell him that you think of him despite your occupations. Find a way to give your man the number 1 spot in your life, and it makes him crazy!