5 Foods That Really Devastate Your Liver!

The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body which is in charge of the removal of the toxins. In the past the liver was most commonly affected due to the increased intake of alcohol, but nowadays as a result of the great presence of toxins it is additionally overburden. Moreover, the food we take in is far from healthy, especially all junk foods, refined carbohydrates and the excessive intake of sugar. All these overburden the function of the liver which can lead to the formation of debilitating diseases. As per the American Liver Foundation, non-alcohol fatty liver disease nowadays impacts 1 in 4 Americans, which is a high number.

The intake of certain foods will harm the liver by promoting internal inflammation, elevating fat storage, and contributing to further liver damage like fibrosis and cirrhosis. In this article we shall concentrate on the five foods which are the worst enemy to your liver. Therefore, make sure to remove these foods from your diet and keep your liver healthy and safe. Plus, their elimination will substantially contribute to better health and as well as make you thinner.

  1. Excessive use of alcohol

About this negative effect you are most probably familiar with, we are not saying that alcohol is extremely bad for you, we are just emphasizing that its excessive use can lead to liver damage. For instance, red wine and beer can be very beneficial for your body if taken moderately. However, if you overdo it, it will strain and stress the liver, so making it more prone to diseases. You need to know what is excessive drinking so that you should know when to stop since the liver is already in charge of getting rid of the body toxins, and if you put an extra stress on it, getting some kind of disease is inevitable. The intake of alcohol is different for men and women, women should stop taking alcohol on the first serving, and men should stop after the second serving as anything over this use can put an additional stress on your liver.

  1. High sodium

Too much salt can be very bad for your health. Therefore, make sure to avoid foods high in sodium, such as canned soup. The moderate intake of sodium aids in the regulation of the fluids within the body and in the high blood pressure. So, if your body is susceptible to fluid retention, make sure to avoid the intake of high sodium foods since it can create excess fluid in your liver, as well. This is valuable information for persons with fatty liver as high intake of sodium can cause additional damage.

  1. Trans fats

You need to be aware of the fact that Trans fats do not contain any nutritional value. Foods packed with Trans fats are commonly prepackaged goods like prepackaged baked goods, and here belong also almost all fried foods and sweets. According to a 2010 study carried out by the University of Cincinnati it was revealed that taking excessive amounts of Trans fats can lead to fibrosis.

  1. White grains

The nutritional value of white grains is so low due to the fact that they are produced in such a way to eliminate fiber, or drastically lower the quantity of fiber, in them. Therefore, being deficient of the most important nutritional value, white grains act only as a simple sugar by drastically elevating the blood sugar and insulin levels. As a result of this, the intake of white grains puts an additional stress on the liver in order to normalize these levels.

  1. Sugars or Syrups

Added sugars are the worst kind of sugar which can cause great damage to your health. Natural sugar can also cause health issues if it is taken in large quantities. However, in the case of added sugar the blood sugar experiences a massive spike, along with the insulin levels, as a result of this the liver needs to go into hyper drive in order to balance these levels, which will put a great stress onto the liver. On the other hand, fructose, but added fructose not natural fructose, or for that matter any sugar additive ending in “ose” is even worse because it causes direct stress on the liver and these particular sugars are the ones converted into fat in the liver.

You can prevent all this from happening if you pay attention to the foods you consume. Make sure to avoid all those liver-clogging foods thereby keeping your liver healthy and in proper function.