5-Minute Hand Exercise to Boost Energy and Balance Emotions

Have you heard of Jin Shin Jyustu?

It is an art of healing characteristics that involves using your hands by gently applying them with continual circulation pattern on the body in accordance with assigned procedure. Its goal is to balance and stabilize the energy inside our body, which is our mind, our body and our spirit, so that it improves body’s healing function, and starts the mechanism of body’s self-healing.

Jin Shin Jyustu teaches us to utilize our hands and place them on a designated area, in order to open and unblock the area, so that the energy circles around without any disruptions from the front to the back. If this is achieved then the energy will be united thus flowing in harmony, meaning that we will feel happy and well. It is not a complex process; you can accomplish it quite easy and fast.

All you have to do is to look at the chart and choose on which you want to concentrate. Then you have to hold the appropriate finger depending what feeling you wish to incite and relax or perhaps what organ you wish to heal. When you have made your decision hold the finger for 3 to 5 minutes while taking deep breaths. According to the conducted research of Markay Cancer Center, the people who used this type of therapy experienced beneficial results, like reduced level of stress, sickness, and anxiety. Therefore, carefully watch the video below.