The 5-Minute Yoga Routine That Helps Restore Thyroid Levels

We are a nation where running is the most preferred exercise neglecting some other ones which can be highly beneficial for our bodies. One of those exercises is yoga which is an ancient physical practice used far back in ancient India. Moreover, yoga is not only a physical activity but as well as a spiritual and mental discipline.  The Buddhist and Hindu parties use yoga for spiritual meditation which proves its great power for the human body.

Even though the Western civilization has started very late to use this discipline still we can gain a lot from it and not only physical matters but as well as help our mind as it offers tranquility highly needed in this modern way of living.

The question pops up: Is yoga that worth it to replace our jogging for it?

We are not saying to completely exclude jogging from your routine, but consider what 5-minute yoga can do to your body. In fact, after numerous researching, it has been concluded that yoga practice positively affects the health of our body both physically and mentally.

Moreover, there are certain positions from the Asana yoga hone which can beneficially influence our most important gland in our body, the thyroid.

This gland is of vital importance for our body in charge of many functions, and if its work is being hampered it can lead to numerous health issues. The thyroid picks the effect that harmful chemicals can have on each organ in our body.

Problems with the thyroid has become a frequent issue recently, and the common way of treatment are the prescribed drugs which inevitable show some adverse effects. Therefore, instead of going for the medications, try to prevent such ailment from appearance by following 2 Asana yoga positions:

  1. Sarvanga Asana Yoga Position

The Sarvanga Asana yoga position is believed to be the supreme choice for turn stream circulatory structure and greatly attributes to the healthy function of your thyroid. “Asana” means staying still and “sarvanga” is Sanskrit word meaning whole body. Therefore, the  sarvangasana is a shoulder remain in which the whole body keeps up a still position.

In this yoga position the body is in a topsy turvy position where the weight impact is on the material structure in the head and throat thus making progress in the pineal organs and the pituitary organ.


Go into lying position on your back, but with your legs straightened out. Then put the legs together and bring them up towards the housetop. Next, place the palms on your lower back, and then elevate the hips from the ground. But, the legs need to remain straight keeping your elbows on the floor to support your back. Once your body is in this position, your thyroid organ will be beat in the direction of the chin. Make sure to keep straight and stable vertical line without inclining towards right or left side, and front or back. Your body has to be kept up on your shoulders and biceps meanwhile breathing profound and constantly.

  1. Matsya Asana Yoga Position

This yoga position is very simple fro performance, but extremely beneficial for the function of your thyroid. By performing this position you will manage to boost the function of the thyroid gland and gain other benefits as well.


Take a lying position or a dorsal position. Take the lotus position by crossing one leg over the other and the other way around. Then, lift your back from the ground, and place the top of the head on the floor in order to make a bend with your back.

NOTE: Prior using these exercises it is always best to consult your physician first in order to find the proper exercise program which will be helpful for your condition. Likewise, if you experience some negative effects due to the performance of these exercises you need to stop them immediately.