5 Warning Signs Announcing Arrival of a Stroke!! Good to Know!

Many people mistakenly believe that a stroke happens all of a sudden. In fact, our body sends us warning signals. In this article we suggest you to discover the 5 signs that announce a stroke that may occur in the near future. And if you recognize them this will probably save you your life.

Signs of stroke

When the brain is no longer adequately supplied with blood then we are talking about stroke. Stroke causes many deaths every year, actually twice as many as those caused by car accidents.

What are the factors causing a stroke?

It is first and foremost important to know that the risk of being a victim of stroke is much greater when we age. People over 65 are at higher risk than a young person. Moreover, it is the women who are in the front line because a woman produce what are called estrogens which increases the possibility that blood clots are formed and that consequently it can block the arteries.

Cerebral hemorrhage can also be the cause of stroke because this is caused by a bleeding in the brain.

But generally, strokes are caused by a cerebral infarction which is due to the formation of a clog in the arteries.

Here are the signs that reflect the arrival of stroke:

– Difficulty speaking

It is possible to experience difficulty speaking when a stroke occurs. This can start off smoothly therefore it is important to pay attention to this sign.

– A feeling of numbness

When a stroke occurs, the person usually feels numbness in some parts of his body. This is due to the disruption of the blood circulation. This sensation of numbness can be felt in the face, arms or legs.

– Headaches

If you are suffering from persistent headaches then do not hesitate to consult a doctor as this may mean the arrival of stroke.

– Shortness of breath

If you feel shortness of breath after performing simple and easy tasks then you will have to worry. It is possible that it means that your arteries are clogged.

– Vision problems

Vision disorders are part of the frequent signs when a stroke will occur. This can affect both eyes or just one eye. It is important to consult a doctor if you notice a loss of vision.

If you are a victim of one or more of these signs at the same time then you should immediately seek medical attention. Moreover, to prevent the onset of stroke, excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, should be avoided and also it is necessary to control the bad cholesterol and diabetes. The ideal would be to have a healthy lifestyle to put all chances on your side.


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