5 Ways Wearing Flip Flops Destroys Your Health Without You Noticing

Flip-flops are very popular footwear which every summer are frequently worn by many people, however many experts warn about the dangers of wearing them. It is true they are convenient, and always nice looking as the interesting designs for them never seem to stop. Yet, by wearing them you can easily slip, misstep, trip and fall or even sprain your ankle since they do not offer adequate body support.

5 Reasons to Stop Wearing Flip Flops

  1. Wears out Your Joints and Lower Body Muscles

If you are wearing flip flops for more than few hours a day, then it can cause great damage to your body. It can start with minor foot and ankle aches, and then it can trigger heel ache, shin splints, stress fractures, and tendonitis. Wearing them for a longer period of time can lead to plantar fasciitis.

This is a result of improper walking since the foot ligament is constantly pulled when walking on hard surfaces without being properly supported like in the case of wearing unstable flip flops.

  1. Puts Pressure on Your Posture

Flip flops do not offer any support for the spine, and because of that it makes them detrimental for your overall body posture and bone structure. This is the reason why you are feeling back pain if you are wearing flat shoes for a longer period of time. Therefore, try to wear curved shoes whenever you can so that you keep your posture upright and your joints healthy.

  1. Blisters

Flip Flops always make blisters especially if you haven’t worn them for a long period of time. These blisters appear between the toes. Aside the fact that you cannot walk properly when having blisters, they can also burst into awful sores and cuts making then an ideal environment for various bacteria from the open air.

  1. Higher Risk of Tripping

When wearing flip flops you have none stability as a result of the loose Y-shaped strap. So, you are at higher risk of slipping and tripping than wearing any other footwear. There are numerous reports of doctors about sprained ankles and injuries caused by wearing flip flops.

  1. Improper Walking Habit

Since flip flops do not have any straps or laces they cannot be fastened, and because of that they can easily be slipped off. In order for this not to happen, we start to walk with slower and smaller steps crunching our toes, and that can turn into a very bad habit. If this happens for a longer period of time, our toes will hammer up and trigger hip and knee aches.

Find Out What Is Your Best Footwear

You can choose closed-toe shoes as a replacement to flip flops. This type of shoes offer support for the back, protecting from constant tripping and injuries, and as well as protect the feet from the dust and dirt on the ground.

However, if you still want to wear flip flops and consider them your favorite footwear, choose the ones whose sole have some kind of shape, and not entirely flat. The heel of the flip flop shouldn’t look like a hole but with a little curve in it, which will offer improved footing, thereby preventing you from possible injuries.


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