50YearOld Man Cures Lung Cancer with Cannabis Oil, Stuns CBS News

This is a true story about a man who managed to beat cancer by the help of the cannabis oil and the chemotherapy.

Darren Miller was 50-year-old man from Illinois when he was diagnosed with “incurable and inoperable lung and pericardial heart caner”. He was given only one year to live, if he wanted more time he was advised to take chemotherapy.

Lung cancer is the most dangerous cancer with the lowest survival rate. If a patient has the diagnosis of a Stage IA non-small cell lung cancer, then he or she is below 50% chance of survival. After that, the chance is drastically starting to drop because the cancer swiftly advances, and if the patient is in Stage IV, the survival chance is only 1%.

Knowing all this, Darren underwent the process of chemotherapy, and as well as optioned for the non-conventional cancer treatment consisted of cannabis oil. He used cannabis oil as a supplement to the therapy, hoping that it will help him in the treatment of cancer hence staying alive and healthy.
Darren did not base his treatment on hearsay, but he did a lot of researching on the use of cannabis oil and its benefits. He found out that many people succeeded in healing themselves with the usage of cannabis oil, and because of that he decided to go all the way with this treatment.

His wife had to leave work so that she could offer medical assistance, and they moved to California where this treatment was available.
Daren was on this treatment for 7 months, and when the seven months passed the first positive results came, he was free of cancer and he had an official proof for that, all of his hospital files.
Daren was on CBS News where he gave the following statement:

“Today, 7 months later, they said to me that I am free of cancer entirely, without any remission. My cancer is cured. So, definitely I am giving the credits to the cannabis oil. However, the chemotherapy is also here, because I was using the both things.”

He and his wife returned to Illinois healthy and free of cancer, and today he is running a “compassionate cannabis” program which offers help to the people struggling with cancer like he did.

This is what he says about his cancer program:
“The thing that we are doing is providing little amounts for you to have around and also provide some education for the other people on how they can do this thing. So, if you are having access to any type of cannabis, I can lead you to some links on my site where you can see how you can do this in your own kitchen at home and save your life”.

There are many true stories out there about the use of cannabis oil and its benefits. This oil is not only helpful with cancer but as well as with other illnesses which cannot be cured by the conventional medicine. Thanks to the use of cannabis oil, there is still a hope for many cancer patients.