6 Best Exercises for Tight and Lifted Butt from Fitness Star Amanda Lee

Our bottom is consisted of three main muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. They work as a team so that we move our upper legs in all directions.

Fitness expert Amanda regarding this matter states:“Every time you take a step, you’re using your glute muscles. That’s why we have glutes. Their function is to allow us to run, walk, squat and move. You’re working your rear end all the time.”

Walking is a great work-out for the glutes. If you like nature and walk outside on some hills, or just use the incline if you are on a treadmill. You must make sure your back not to hinge forward.

As a young girl Amanda did not possess a fit body. When she was teenager she was skinny and had only 44 kilograms. She wanted to improve the way how she looked and therefore she started with strenuous exercise and balanced healthy diet. Nowadays, she has become a fitness idol for many girls worldwide which all implement her guideline for exercising.

Here below are the optimal 6 exercises for butt tightening and lifting that she recommends for you:

SQUAT SIDE KICK- For optimal results perform 25 repetitions on each side.

GLUTE BRIDGE – For best results do 25 repetitions.

PULSE SQUATS – For optimal results perform 25 repetitions.

CLAMSHELLS EXERCISE – For best outcomes perform 25 repetitions.

CLAMSHELLS HIGHT EXERCISE – For optimal results do 25 repetitions.

DONKEY KICKS EXERCISE – For outstanding result do 25 repetitions on each side.

If you want more intense workout include some ankle weights.